Have to miss your kid's game? Live stream it with Urepp

Co-written with Chloe Nordquist
For those parents that aren’t able to make their child’s sport game, there’s a new app to help bring the game to them.
Urepp gives parents the option to watch customized live highlights of their child’s game or live stream the complete game via smartphone.

Courtesy of Urepp
Courtesy of Urepp

“Instead of live streaming an entire game like people are doing today,  you can actually follow your athlete and just be notified of the plays that they are involved in,” CEO of Urepp Alex Enright said. “They happen as the game is being played.”
Enright was inspired to build Urepp by his mother who raised three boys on her own, all who played sports, and couldn’t attend all their games at the same time.
“I saw a lot of parents struggling with [being at multiple games], and it’s a way for parents to stay updated and know what happened that [game],” he said.
Courtesy of Urepp
Courtesy of Urepp

Urepp is currently in private beta testing with seven club baseball teams, but looks to expand to other sports. The technology identifies each player, records the play, stitches the video and organizes the clip into the player’s profile for viewing.
“As each parent is notified of a clip, those clips are actually automatically saved to their athletes profile and cataloged,” Enright said. “There’s a lot of different ways to customize that viewing experience.”
Coaches can also integrate Urepp with stat tracking software. “Our live streaming syncs with a snap tracking app so every time that coach is snap tracking their games, our system is actually pulling a clip.”
Urepp recently competed in Arizona Technology Council’s annual Startup Connect, a competition that put seven startups in the running for a cash prize.
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Urepp currently has nearly 9,500 sign ups. Anyone interested in the app can sign up through their website to get notified when Urepp expands their private beta or launches.
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