Weekend Reads: Magnetic, It's Not Rocket Science & Heart Led Leader

Unplug this weekend from all the noise and electronics and pick up a good book. Here are a few suggestions for entrepreneurs to get some inspiration this fall weekend.
Magnetic book coverWhat’s the secret to attracting new clients? Author Joe Calloway knows, and in his new book Magnetic: The Art of Attracting Business, carefully draws it out. Magnetic is a method for pulling in new clients by tapping into “the greatest marketing program of all time,” a.k.a ‘word of mouth.’ “The single most important factor in the future success of your business,” he says,” is this, what your customers tell people about their experience with you.” Making sure that your message positive is “the single most important thing… to grow your business.” Purchase the book here.
It's Not Rocket Science book coverGame Changers are a new “tribe” of businessperson, says author Mary Spio in her book It’s Not Rocket Science. They “change our world in some way… by altering the way we think…work or the way we live.” Not only do Game Changers ignore the rules, but they ignore conventional, old school advice, too. A big imagination is at the top of the list of Game Changer attributes. Imagination leads to inquisitiveness, creativity and ideas, and Spio states that, “curiosity drives action.” Above all, they leave a “mark on the world.” The math is simple: idea + passion + desire for change = success. Having big dreams isn’t so scary after all. Purchase It’s Not Rocket Science here.
Heart-Led Leader book coverWhat makes a great leader? Is it your ability to think with your head, or heart? Author Tommy Spaulding believes that love is at the very basis of every successful organization, and cultivating an unselfish desire to do good for others is integral to leadership. In his book The Heart Led Leader, Spaulding introduces readers to CEOs who take the time to get to know their employees. Spaulding explains how genuine interest and compassion drives results in attainment, shareholder success, sustainability, and bottom lines. So ask yourself; are you a good leader? Purchase the book here.
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Contributions by Terri Schlichenmeyer