2015 Holiday Gadgets Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for awesome gadget gift giving! Our 2015 Holiday Gadgets Guide showcases some of the hottest tech gadgets on the market. Browse through virtual reality devices, Bluetooth speakers, portable power solutions, and smartphone and tablet accessories. Our gadgets guide has something for the every day consumer to the tech geek.

Ergonomic and Organization Gadgets

Egg and BoxEgg

The Arizona technology company Eggcyte brings you their flagship gadget, the Egg. The Egg is a compact personal web server that is shaped like an egg and fits in the palm of your hand. With the Egg you can store photos and videos that take up too much memory space on your smartphone. The Egg allows the user to maintain total control of distribution of content. Think…your very own web server that you can take anywhere. Conceptualized here in Arizona, the Egg is now offered in colors charcoal, blue and chalk with capacities ranging from 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB at prices $219.00, $319.00 and $419.0 respectively. Purchase yours today!

Ergotron-1Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation
The WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation by Ergotron will transform your boring desk into an interactive workstation that allows for sitting or standing. With its easy-to-use hinges, it only takes seconds to go from a sitting position to a standing position. This work style encourages healthy movement throughout the day and can increase productivity. The Workstation comes in black or white and you can purchase it online starting at $410.00.
FIDO-Yubico-YubiKeys-2-444x296YubiKey Edge
The YubiKey Edge combines Yubico’s two most popular strong authentication methods, one-time password and FIDO U2F, in one single device. Durable and compact, the YubiKey Edge offers a second layer of security to a username and password login. Just insert it into any USB port and touch, no drivers needed. When you’re studying in the school library, use YubiKey to keep your laptop safe with this extra set of security. Available for purchase for $30.00.
boogie board jot 8.5Boogie Board Jot 8.5 Paperless Memo Pad
Boogie Board created an awesome paperless memo pad that allows the user to jot down notes without wasting paper or ink. The Jot 8.5 is a super-thin pad that comes with a handy stylus to make it the ultimate note-taking option. With its supplementary mobile app a user can snap a quick photo of their notes, continue editing and highlighting on the app itself, and immediately erase notes on the Jot 8.5 with a simple press of a button. The Boogie Board Jot 8.5 is a great gift for someone who loves writing notes and posting them on the refrigerator. Available in colors blue, pink and gray and retails around $25.00.
anonabox originalAnonabox Original
The Anonabox Original is a pocket-sized privacy device that uses VPN services (Virtual Private Network) or the Tor network to help keep online browsing private. Protect yourself from pesky hackers or anyone that may have access to your computer or internet connection. The sleek device anonymously connects to a WiFi network so users can keep their physical location secret and online activity private. It also deters big data collection, prevents a user from receiving malicious tracking cookies and remarketing ads, and bypasses censorship. The Anonabox Original retails at $80.00.
greatusefulstuff collageGreatUsefulStuff.com:
If you don’t already have a tech pouch for all your cords and devices, ‘tis the season to gear up! I love organizing my cords and devices to make them easily accessible and prevent them from entering into a tangled abyss. GreatUsefulStuff.com offers a plethora of organizing options for the avid techie. The carry-on tech sleeve and tech gear travel sleeve are the perfect tech gadgets for a trip to the airport. Easily fit your tablet, smartphone and numerous cords in a compact pouch that is fashionable and practical. The power folio 3-in-1 and power pouch work seamlessly to house your iPad mini while simultaneously charging. GreatUsefulStuff also offers cord snaps, which prevent cords from tangling while in a tech pouch. Available for purchase with prices ranging from $20.00-$40.00.
power perch-2Power Perch
Annoyed of placing your smartphone on the ground while it’s charging? No worries! Power Perch is an outlet shelf that attaches to anywhere there’s an outlet in your house or backyard, that doesn’t damage your walls. Made in the USA, this easy-to-install addition will de-clutter your cords and give your electronics, razors, and other gadgets a place to charge in peace. Available for purchase for $12.99.
energi+ backpackTYLT Energi+ Backpack
This high tech backpack not only carries heavy textbooks, it also acts a portable power haven for your laptop, tablet and smartphone. Charge your devices on-the-go with this stylish and functional backpack from TYLT. It features a removable 10,400 mAh rechargeable battery that can charge up to three devices simultaneously. The Backpack boasts over 1,450 cubic inches of storage, and includes charging pass-thrus to 7 of its 13 specialized compartments, keeping cords from tangling and allowing plenty of space for school supplies. Available for purchase for $169.99.
fluidstance LEVEL picFluidstance LEVEL
The LEVEL by Fluidstance is the coolest tech gadget to increase ergonomics and improve your all around alignment and motion. Stand on the bamboo, walnut, or maple-finished motion decks that elicits subtle, constant movement below your feet to increase your range of motion and heart rate. Made in the USA, the LEVEL starts at $289.00.
Music and Audio Gadgets
UE Boom 2 fall travelerUE Boom 2
Ultimate Ears is at it again! The tech company’s family of speakers, including the Roll, Boom and Megaboom have impressed the AZTB crew and our readers time and time again; and now they have unveiled the Boom’s predecessor, aptly named the UE Boom 2. The Boom 2 is now fully waterproof, has a wider range of Bluetooth capability, and has a handy “tap on top” to stop/play and skip to the next song. The Boom 2’s flagship cylindrical design is sleek yet rugged and comes in a variety of awesome colors. The UE Boom 2 is available for purchase for $199.99.
logitech g633 artemis spectrum headphones holiday gadgetsLogitech G633 Artemis Spectrum headphones
Experience your gaming and audio like never before with the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset. Compatible with PC, consoles, mobile devices and home theater devices, the Logitech G633 features patent pending Pro-G audio drivers and were designed by Logitech’s sound engineering team, with more than 25 years in audio development. With 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound and DTS Headphone:X, these headphones deliver a superior all-around audio experience. The G633 is customizable, featuring RGB lighting, swappable backlit speaker plates, programmable G-keys and an onboard software equalizer to customize audio settings and create personal sound profiles. Available for purchase for $149.99.
Fitness Gadgets
oaxis star 21 healthy gadgetsOAXIS Star 21
The Star 21 by OAXIS is a fitness tracker that helps kickstart a healthy lifestyle and cultivates long-lasting habits. Based on the 21 days habit formation theory, by achieving a list of milestones in the game it turns tasks into habits that are second nature. The sleek and elegant fitness wearable has a long battery and can last 15 days on a single charge. It has a IPX6 waterproof rating and is dermatologically safe for daily use. Available for purchase for $69.90.
board blazers-2Board Blazers
Inspired by an ASU “Bro” skateboarder who duct taped Christmas lights to the bottom of his skateboard, founder Greg Rudolph created attachable lights called Board Blazers. The Arizona-based company sells circular, multi-colored, adhesive lights for skateboards that twist on and off. The compact lights are waterproof and are strong enough to withstand extreme tricks, provided you place them behind the wheels. Available for purchase for $24.99.
FitKit is a total fitness package in a small kit. FitKit is housed in a compact, portable case that holds a jump rope, tubing with handles, resistance band, exercise cards, reflective armband, ID tag and door attachment. Use the online library of over 250 exercises or the exercise cards to exercise in your living room, dorm room or office. The tiny kit allows for maximum exercise. The kit comes in three different colors; royal blue, black and pink. Get yours for only $34.99.
Sensoria Fitness clothing
Sensoria Fitness clothing is a line of wearable fitness technology that can accurately track your heart rate and monitor body movement. Each item of clothing pairs with an accompanying Sensoria Fitness mobile app. Clothing options include a Fitness Smart Sports Bra ($139.00), a Fitness Smart t-T-shit ($139.00) and Fitness Smart Socks ($199.00). The Smart Socks monitor foot cadence, speed, running style and gait. Check out the line of fitness tech clothing here.
sensoria collage
Fitivities Game
Fitivites is an award-winning fitness game that is perfect for indoors, outdoors, and for that college student heading back to school. Between 1-24 players can participate in the interactive game that integrates physical activities into a group game setting for people of all ages, offering the buzz of a board game, with the perks of a workout. Available for purchase for $39.99.


Camera Gadgets
zte-spro 2 smart projector-navy-964x750ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector from AT&T
The whole family will love this gadget! Project a movie on a white wall or have an impromptu video presentation on Christmas Eve. The compact ZTE projector from AT&T is the coolest gadget to watch photo slideshows, holiday films or to play video games. The Android-powered, portable projector that features a 5” touchscreen and a 4G LTE (2) connection is the coolest tech gadget for an impromptu showing. Prices start from $399.99.
panasonic gf7 selfie-2Panasonic GF7 camera
The GF7 delivers stress free shooting. With a touch of the screen, the camera corrects focus and exposure and captures a stunning photo. With a 180 degree flip and second left-hand shutter button, the GF7 is the perfect gadget to easily capture the ultimate selfie. A hands-free selfie can be activated simply by the wave of a hand. Once captured, WiFi connects to a mobile device for easy photo sharing. Available for purchase for $499.99.
This is a hands-free wearable video camera. Think of MeCam like a Go-Pro for everyday life, just smaller and actually wearable. MeCams are amazing for travel as they are small and can be easily attached to clothes to capture vacations for a first person point-of-view while keeping your hands-free. Be creative and stealth-like when snapping your kid’s next soccer game.Available for purchase for $49.99
Cobra Drive HD dash camDrive HD™ Dash Cam CDR 900
Dash cams are slowly becoming a standard accessory in cars, so Drive HD came out with their own dash cam that allow drivers to protect their vehicle, relive their journey and share interesting footage by continuously recording video of the road ahead in 1080P HD video. It includes a two-inch LCD screen, ultra-wide 160°lens and embedded G-Sensor to automatically save and protect clips if an impact is detected. In addition, the CDR 855 BT is the first of its kind to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology. The smartphone connection enables new features including embedded GPS location, time, G-force and speed information footage, as well as providing alerts for upcoming speed and red light cameras, live police locations and shared radar alerts from the iRadar Community. Available for purchase for $199.95.
Portable Power
vis tiger-1VIS Tiger
The VIS Tiger is a one-of-a-kind gadget that acts as the ultimate power bank and jump-starter. It features a battery power of 8,000 mAh that gives you 25% more power, resulting in increased performance and capability. If your smartphone loses battery quickly, hakuna matata, the VIS Tiger charges your iPhone 6 or similar powered smartphones up to 3 or 4 times on a single charge, and it’s capable of jump starting your 12V car battery up to 20 times on a single a charge. Oh, and did we mention it’s also a handy flashlight? The VIS Tiger will give you peace of mind when on a long road trip and need to charge up devices or jumpstart your car. The innovative gadget from Jumper Power Labs is available for purchase for $189.00.
tylt energi 6k fall travelerTYLT Energi 6K
The Energi 6K is a compact USB wall charger that doubles as a portable power device. Pluck it from the wall and take it with you on an adventure. The device features TYLT’s Intelligent Charging Technology, which prioritizes charging your device until fully powered, then switches to charging the 6,000mAh battery. One of the biggest inconveniences of portable batteries is remembering to charge them, but with the Energi 6K you can rest easy knowing it’s always fully juiced since you can use it every night as a normal wall charger. The micro-USB version retails at $69.99 and the Apple MFI certified Lightning version retails at $79.99.
olympia-sb5500-300x293Olympia SB5500
Harness the power of the sun with Olympia’s Solar Power Series and never worry about running out of battery again. You can use the sun or plug it in to charge it up (here in Arizona we have no shortage of sunlight). Charge smartphones, tablets, flashlights, two-way radios or anything with a USB or Micro-USB port. And for those sunless times, don’t fret, it has a power bank that stores energy. A great gift idea for the student that has a busy course schedule. Available for purchase for $59.99
Smartpone and Tablet Gadgets
Logi Blok Family
Logitech’s newest product line is a family of cases that secure your iPad from the occasional drop. The Shell, Case, and Keyboard Case are the perfect gadgets for anyone that may accidentally drop their Apple tablet. The iPad case makes it easy for anyone to flip through powerpoint presentations and take down notes during a lecture. The cases have square corners designed to help protect the most sensitive part of the iPad, its corners. The price for each: Shell $39.99, Case $69.99, and Keyboard costs $129.99 at Logitech.com
logi collage
mophie juice pack holiday gadgetsMophie Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus
The Mophie Juice Pack case for iPhone packs a lot of power into a sleek and elegant design. The Juice Pack comes equipped with a 2,600 mAh battery making it a great option for portable charging. It also comes with its own charging cable to ensure the case is always juiced up. Protect your phone from the occasional drop or scuff while giving it the boost it needs. Available in gold or black and retails at $99.00.
cardninja fall travelerCardNinja
The CardNinja is a spandex pocket with 3M adhesive that attaches to the back of any smartphone or case and keeps your ID, cash and up to 8 cards secure. This tech gadget is perfect for the on-the-go traveler that doesn’t want to carry a bulky wallet. Pick from six great colors (Black, Gray, Gold, Eggplant, Magenta and Blue) and new patterns (Hawaiian, Paisley, Cheetah, Zebra, Gold Polka Dot) to match your phone and your style. Try out this awesome gadget for $9.95.
leaf ibridge fall travelerLeaf iBridge
You try to take a photo but your phone notifies you that you don’t have enough storage space….don’t ever let this happen again. The Leef iBridge expands the storage capacity on your iPhone, iPad and iPod without ever worrying about deleting memories again. You can capture video and photos directly to the device, carry your entire movie or music library along with you without taking up any space, and easily move your files to/from your iOS device. The iBridge and Leef’s MobileMemory app makes it super easy to view, transfer and shoot to keep it all organized in one place. iBridge capacity sizes range from 16GB-256GB. Available for purchase starting at $59.99.
leaf iaccessLeaf iAccess
Using a compatible iOS Lightning Port and Leef’s proprietary MobileMemory app, iAccess moves videos, photos, music files, and documents from GoPros, cameras, or drones with a microSD card to an iOS device for viewing, saving, sharing or sending. This gadget is perfect for the adventure seeking techie that takes high-resolution photos with a fancy camera, and then wants to immediately upload to their social media channels. Leef iAccess is priced at $49.99.
lumee case selfieLuMee Case
The LuMee case is a front-lit smartphone case that provides extra lighting for the avid selfie taker. This case is best used when in low light conditions and even has a dimming capability for bright to low lighting. LED lights placed strategically around the front of the case illuminate your face and act like a ring light. And don’t worry about the battery dying – the LuMee case is rechargeable and comes with its own charging cable. The LuMee case fits Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and S6 and the iPhone 5s, 6s and 6s Plus. Available for purchase for $49.95.
monster selfie caseMonster Selfie Case
Monster enters the selfie craze with its new Selfie Case, a flexible, shock absorbent plastic shell for Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 smartphones. It uses a special patented material that acts like “a million suction cups” that helps it adhere to non-coated hard surfaces, such as windows and mirrors, so that users don’t have to hold their phones. In addition to adding new freedom and creativity for taking selfies, the case enables users to be hands-free as they make calls, video chat and use GPS navigation, as well as for taking and watching videos with friends. Available for purchase starting at $29.95.
XShot selfie stickXShot
The XShot Deluxe Selfie Kit is a lightweight colored version of the traditional XShot extender and boasts the legendary XShot technology and reliability that the company has delivered since 2007. It comes in 6 different shades with a universal smartphone holder and a Bluetooth remote. The XShot is a sturdy and ultra compact selfie stick to fit in your pocket or bag anytime. The selfie stick extends the user’s reach by 31”/79 cm and closes to 8”/20cm. Available for purchase for $29.95.
gekkopod selfie-1GekkoPod
The GekkoPod is the ultimate tripod for the adventure-seeking individual. With its innovative design and easy-to-handle mechanisms, snapping action pictures has never been so easy. The main advantage is that it allows you to take pictures from tricky angles. Included with the device is an adaptable mount for phones, GoPro mount, and standard screw for cameras, making the Gekkopod the most versatile mount on the market. Available for purchase for $19.95 here.
XY Find It Product ImageXY Find It
Never lose track of your holiday gifts or treats again. This compact beacon attaches easily to keys, laptops, smartphones and more, and is the perfect solution for the forgetful individual. It works through an accompanying mobile app that can send lost notifications, locate items, and gives a location history. Available for purchase ranging from $24.95-$149.95 for a 1, 3, 6 or 10-pack option.
bactrack vioBACtrack Vio
Don’t drink and drive! BACtrack Vio is a keychain breathalyzer that uses Bluetooth technology to sync wirelessly to your smartphone. So, when you decide to sip on spiked egg nog, you can use BACtrack Vio before leaving the venue. The slick device is about the size of a USB drive and syncs to a free app on your phone for easy testing. The ZeroLine feature even tells you when your BAC will return to 0.000, so you know when you’ll be safe to get back behind the wheel. Available for purchase $49.99
Miscellaneous Gadgets
A mood-enhancing wearable uses a method of neurosignaling or low levels of pulsed electrical energy, to modify ones’ mood by stimulating certain parts of the brain. The gadget is a lightweight, portable, 2D, curved device that is placed on your forehead and snap into Thync Strips that either curve behind your ear or to the back of your neck to deliver a comfortable experience. Available for purchase for $199.00.
noon vr headset holiday gadgetsNOON VR headset
Immerse yourself in a virtual reality world at a fraction of the cost compared to most competitors. The NOON VR headset is comfortable, affordable and fun. With its expansive library of 360-degree videos in its accompanying mobile app, the NOON VR will transport you into a skydiving video, take you in and out of cars and – quite possibly – make you a little queasy. This gadget shouldn’t be used for more than 20 minutes, but it’s definitely an experience you should try out. The headset fits most phones (my iPhone 6s Plus fit). Available for purchase for a cool $89.00.
Chamberlain Mini Remote holiday gadgetsChamerlain Universal Mini Remote
If you own a house or condo with an attached garage, Chamberlain’s Universal Mini Remote is the gadget for you. Not only does it open and close your garage with ease, it can be synced to turn on a light before you walk in the door. Feel connected to your home with this tiny and secure gadget that can be attached to your key ring or backpack. Available for purchase for $49.97.
G-RO luggage fall traveler-2G-RO Luggage
Whether you travel around the block or around the world, the G-RO luggage system is the perfect gadget for you. Not only is it the ideal solution for carry-on travelers, its unique and ergonomic design provides the ultimate fit and feel. With its axle-less wheels and carefully designed structure, the G-RO is durable, lightweight moves fast up and down stairs. It comes with an option electronic module with a 23,000 mAh battery, built-in proximity detector, and a location tracker. The G-RO is currently on Kickstarter and has surpassed its goal tenfold, so expect the techie carry-on soon! Estimated retail price is $499.00.
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