ASU Fulton Engineer School launches Startup Center, holds Demo Day competition

Co-written with Chloe Nordquist
Arizona State University’s Fulton Schools officially launched their Startup Center Thursday as a way to empower undergraduate and graduate students within the schools to explore entrepreneurial ideas.
The Center will offer innovation courses, workshops, mentoring and other events.
“We’ve positioned this competition to be at the top of the funnel in terms of identifying students across the ASU portfolio to be given small dollar amounts of funding to put them on a track to get more funding and traction both internally and externally,” Startup Center Director Brent Sebold said. “The Startup Center is meant to be a mechanism to marshal all of the talent.”

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As part of the launch day, 15 early-stage student startups competed in the eSeed Challenge Demo Day by Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineeringthe startups competed for cash and admission to the eSeed Accelerator. The top 10 startups received $5,000 and admission to the accelerator.
Meet the top 10 startup winners:
Telescrypts is a mobile health solution for remote healthcare workers and low resource medical clinicians who need real-time access to patient information
XingFo is a mobile application that provides information ­broadcasting services to vendors at events/tradeshows and help them increase productivity and lead generation.
Feromone Robotiocs sells the Feromone Swarm, which is a swarm of robots that assists in search and rescue operations by leveraging behaviors found nature.
SlipSensed is a fall detection shower mat that can send out a distress signal (alarm, phone call, or text message) to designated personnel alerting them that a fall has occurred.
Tech Dispatcher is a solution to provide businesses and homes with hassle­free, modern tech support at the push of a button.
PhysioCheck sells sets of wearable sensors embedded within mouthpieces for athletes to gather real-time data for concussion, metabolic, and other vitals analyses while they train and compete.
VisiBraille is developing innovative ways to teach Braille to both first-time and later-­in­-life Braille learners.
Nikola Solar­Wind Tree offers an alternative to traditional grid energy, and provides a product for consumers wishing to have a hybrid green energy set­up capable of fully powering their homes.
Debug My Code is a fast-­paced and comprehensive question and answer service geared towards helping others solve any problems they might have while coding.
#WeAllCode sells educational software to non­profit ventures such as “GirlsWhoCode” and private companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Intel who want better trained software engineers and more diversity within the tech industry.
Other competing startups:
FavorMe is a social app connecting friends to exchange favors.
FitStart Kids expands upon the world of virtual gaming by directly integrating fitness into the game itself. The FSK program utilizes activity tracking technology by equating steps to incentives and functioning as the exchange to monetize those steps/activity into game rewards, encouraging an increasingly sedentary population to start moving.
Protein Pops provides a high protein frozen smoothie in a tube for the athlete and fitness enthusiast. Unlike the traditional protein drinks, we serve our product in an inexpensive and easy to consume pop.
SKYADS -They’ve got drones! This company specializes in offering highly effective, targeted advertising solutions through the use of sophisticated Unmanned Aerial Systems.
Solar Water Solutions sells a borehole refurbishment model that incorporates modern day technology and uses solar energy to power water pumps with submersible pumps on old­ fashioned bush pump boreholes. SWS provides access to clean water that is sourced in an environmentally friendly fashion for sustainable agriculture. *
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