Crowd engagement app wins jackpot at #ETY15

Arizona-based Crowd Mics won this year’s inaugural Event Technology of the Year in Las Vegas held by Event Manager Blog.
Mobile app Crowd Mics turns smartphones into wireless microphones for live events by allowing the audience to talk into their phones and be heard over a sound system. This makes it possible for text commenting, live poll features, and crowd engagement.
“What [this award] does for us is it continues to bring credibility and validation to what we are doing and I think it shows genuine interest in the industry for just straight forward event tech that is solving real problems,” CEO Tim Holladay said. “The problem that crowd mics solves is a very straight forward problem.”
Crowd Mics Logo _crop
Nearly 30 submissions were sent in for the award. The four other finalists included Catchbox, DoubleDutch, Glisser and Social Tables. The award was open to established companies and startups
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The award valued at $15,000 was presented at the Palazzo in Las Vegas by a jury of industry personalities and media leaders.
“The award has been a great success and celebrated the most innovative platforms on the market,” founder of the award and editor of Event Manager Blog Julius Solaris said. “The event industry is being profoundly changed by the contribution and innovation these companies are bringing along. Media, Event Professionals and Venture Capital are starting to realize that.”
In the past, Crowd Mics has been a semifinalist in the ACA Innovation Challenge and the winner in the Mobile and Tablet Technologies category at SXSW in 2014.
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