Gadgets for the Guru: Selfie edition

Capturing quick snaps has swiftly transitioned into a full-fledged industry in which tech companies are actively creating gadgets geared towards taking the ultimate selfie. Here are some trendy and innovative tech gadgets that can help any individual capture memorable moments like eating a hot dog or a churro.
Mobile Apps
frontback appFrontback
With the Frontback mobile app you take a front-facing photo, then you take another photo with the rear camera and you put them together to create a unique photo experience. This app is a delightful way to share fun memories. Put on the self-timer, write short captions or add your location to any photo. Available for download on iOS and Android for free.
shadescout logoShadeScout
This is the perfect mobile app for makeup-obsessed fashionistas that want to take selfies with their face painted without actually having to apply any real makeup. Look your “going-out” best and snap a selfie with ShadeScout. The app’s state-of-the-art facial recognition technology that automatically detects the user’s eyes, lips, cheeks, face shape and eyebrows seamlessly applies makeup to the user. Cosmetic brands that have a presence within the app include Revlon, Benefit and Almay to name a few. Download the app on iOS or Android for free.
Tech Gadgets
panasonic gf7 selfie-2Panasonic GF7 camera
The GF7 delivers stress free shooting. With a touch of the screen, the camera corrects focus and exposure and captures a stunning photo. With a 180 degree flip and second left-hand shutter button, the GF7 is the perfect gadget to easily capture the ultimate selfie. A hands-free selfie can be activated simply by the wave of a hand. Once captured, WiFi connects to a mobile device for easy photo sharing. Available for purchase for $499.99.
lumee case selfieLuMee Case
The LuMee case is a front-lit smartphone case that provides extra lighting for the avid selfie taker. This case is best used when in low light conditions and even has a dimming capability for bright to low lighting. LED lights placed strategically around the front of the case illuminate your face and act like a ring light. And don’t worry about the battery dying – the LuMee case is rechargeable and comes with its own charging cable. The LuMee case fits Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and S6 and the iPhone 5s, 6s and 6s Plus. Available for purchase for $49.95.
gekkopod selfie-1GekkoPod
The GekkoPod is the ultimate tripod for the adventure-seeking individual. With its innovative design and easy-to-handle mechanisms, snapping action pictures has never been so easy. The main advantage is that it allows you to take pictures from tricky angles. Included with the device is an adaptable mount for phones, GoPro mount, and standard screw for cameras, making the Gekkopod the most versatile mount on the market. Available for purchase for $19.95 here.
monster selfie caseMonster Selfie Case
Monster enters the selfie craze with its new Selfie Case, a flexible, shock absorbent plastic shell for Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 smartphones. It uses a special patented material that acts like “a million suction cups” that helps it adhere to non-coated hard surfaces, such as windows and mirrors, so that users don’t have to hold their phones. In addition to adding new freedom and creativity for taking selfies, the case enables users to be hands-free as they make calls, video chat and use GPS navigation, as well as for taking and watching videos with friends. Available for purchase starting at $29.95.
XShot selfie stickXShot
The XShot Deluxe Selfie Kit is a lightweight colored version of the traditional XShot extender and boasts the legendary XShot technology and reliability that the company has delivered since 2007. It comes in 6 different shades with a universal smartphone holder and a Bluetooth remote. The XShot is a sturdy and ultra compact selfie stick to fit in your pocket or bag anytime. The selfie stick extends the user’s reach by 31”/79 cm and closes to 8”/20cm. Available for purchase for $29.95.
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