Tip your tour guide with Bravo tipping app – interview with CEO Maria Rodriguez-Luna at TechCrunch Disrupt

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When you need to tip the valet, a tour guide or donate to a car wash fundraiser, Bravo, a tipping app, can help you send over cash with a swipe of your finger.
Co-founded by Dr. Hector and Maria Rodriguez-Luna, they came up with the idea while on a guided hiking trip and wanted to tip their guide but were out of cash. That awkward moment led them to develop Bravo to address an outdated transaction method-tipping. Maria has taken on the role of CEO for Bravo.


While there are other cashless tipping apps on the market, Bravo distinguishes themselves by using four types of methods for transactions, GPS, near-field communication, search for a person, or an individual’s Bravo code or QR code. In addition, a user can tip anonymously, no personal information needs to be exchanged for the transaction and the app can be used for social good.
Since their launch in January 2015, they’ve partnered with many Arizona business and organizations such as golf cart transporters found in Old Town Scottsdale and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
For the recipient, depending on the payment type (credit or debit), money will be placed into their bank account within hours up to three business days and “you don’t have to go and claim your money,” Maria said. For security purposes, Bravo uses Braintree for all their transactions and doesn’t house any sensitive data.
Bravo makes their money on the two percent per transaction fee. With profits, a portion will go back into the community to help local organizations, particularly animal shelters, Maria said.
At TechCrunch Disrupt, Bravo showcased their product on stage as a “Wild Card” for the Startup Battlefield.

Captured the founders having fun at TC Disrupt #photobombtheCEO
Captured the founders having fun at TC Disrupt #photobombtheCEO

Dr. Hector, a gastroenterologist by trade, has been the owner and member of several successful startups and four profitable medical ventures and is currently bootstrapping the company with their own funds, he sald.
Hector also shared that all of their development work was done in Arizona and intends to grow his company in the Valley.
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This article has been updated since original post for clarification on fees.