Startup VoiceCut lets users edit videos with their voice

Video contribution by Xavier Smith
“Camera start” “Camera stop” “Camera delete”
Memorize these three commands and you can be half way done editing your video upon import. VoiceCut , a video editing software that uses voice commands to cut video, recently launched its product to the first 100 alpha users.


“We’ve created what we would say would be the very first way you could ever edit video using the power of your own voice,” CEO and founder Chris Wilson said.
Wilson has done a lot of steadicam work through his other venture LateLiving, and VoiceCut allows videographers to edit video with voice while walking, filming, or talking on camera. The user simply inserts commands into the footage while filming.
“This is the first time it’s ever been done,” Wilson said. “Our main [focus] right now is for the marketers out there, the people who want to generate content quickly and get it posted to their followers. The secondary market would actually be for the action cam users.”
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After the video is uploaded, the software goes through the footage and picks out the voice commands, editing where the user commanded it to. However, in it’s current state, the software needs to be used in certain environments.
“One of the things we found as a challenge was background noise because every situation is a little bit different,” Wilson said. That’s why for now the software is targeting content marketers and those who film in controlled environments.
The company plans on releasing the beta version to 1,000 interested users before production in the beginning of 2016.
“We’ve got some amazing advisors and people helping us out,” Wilson said. His goal is to get a desktop version after the initial release, to bypass uploading to the cloud. An Android and Apple app will follow.
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  1. Great article and thanks for the plug. We hope this will really change the ball game for people who want to make video a bigger part of their workflow. We are on a path now to get it done and we can’t wait to get it out to more people!

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