Man v. Taser: Slow Mo Guys visit Taser HQ

The Slow Mo Guys, known for capturing exploding watermelon in slow motion, came to Scottsdale and recorded a TASER X26P Smart Weapon being used on a volunteer in 28,500 FPS.

The first video shows the gun as the trigger is pulled and 2,500 pounds per square inch of inert gas are released. The two XP probes (and Anti-Felon Identification confetti) then exit the gun, followed by thin insulated TASER wire.
In the second video, Dan Hafen takes a shot in the back form the taser gun. The video shows how his muscles and body react.
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Behind-the-scenes photos:

Slow Mo Guys’ video with TASER already has over 8 million views on YouTube. The Slow Mo Guys are a science and technology web series that started in 2010. They currently have the biggest channel for slow motion videos on YouTube.
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Photos courtesy of TASER