Gadgets for the Guru: Father's Day edition

Impress your Dad by getting him one of the hottest tech gadgets on the market today! Father’s Day is right around the corner so get shopping!
fre case by lifeproof gadgetfrē by Lifeproof
The frē case by Lifeproof is the perfect iPhone 6 case for the clumsy or adventurous Dad. The case is submersible to 6.6 feet of water, is completely sealed from dirt, dust, snow and ice, and can survive drops from 6.6 feet. The case is sleek and easily can slide into the pockets of your jeans. The frē comes in 6 colors (black, white, pink, purple, blue, and red). Available for purchase for $71.99
Kenu Stance gadgetKenu Stance
The Stance is a compact, versatile tripod that comes in handy for taking awesome photos and selfies. It’s also a great accessory for trendy new live-streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat. The perfect little gadget for Dad can be great for the whole family! Kenu’s Stance is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Available for purchase for $24.95
Kenu Highline gadgetKenu Highline
Kenu created what they call a “security leash.” Highline is a protective case system and is specially made for boarders, skiers, hikers, bikers and other outdoor adventurers. Highline provides peace of mind while capturing photos and videos, even in the most perilous situations. Highline is available for purchase for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models at $29.95 and $34.95 respectively (older iPhone models are also available).
Flexson VinylPlayFlexson VinylPlay
Bring your Dad into the 21st century with a turntable made for the digital music age. Flexson’s VinylPlay not only plays records but can also be conveniently adapted into modern streaming systems through its analog-to-digital technology. VinylPlay uses high-quality components, which deliver high-quality sound. It works with conventional HiFi and AV systems and syncs perfectly with SONOS systems, which can stream music into every room in your house. VinylPlay boasts a belt drive with manual 33/45rpm speed change and a 24v low vibration motor. Available for purchase for $499.00

XY Find It Product ImageXY Find It

Does your lose his keys on a weekly basis? What about the television remote? This compact beacon attaches easily to keys, laptops, smartphones and more, and is the perfect solution for forgetful Dads. It works through an accompanying mobile app that can send lost notifications, locate items, and gives a location history. Available for purchase ranging from $24.95-$149.95 for a 1, 3, 6 or 10-pack option.
bactrack vioBACtrack Vio
Don’t drink and drive! BACtrack Vio is a keychain breathalyzer that uses Bluetooth technology to sync wirelessly to your smartphone. So, next time your Dad decides to go out for a beer or two with his buddies, he can use BACtrack Vio. The slick device is about the size of a USB drive and syncs to a free app on your phone for easy testing. The ZeroLine feature even tells you when your BAC will return to 0.000, so you know when you’ll be safe to get back behind the wheel. Available for purchase $49.99
Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 headphones
Creative Aurvana In-Ear3
Imagine high-end noise-isolating in-ear earphones. Now imagine your Dad jamming to his favorite tunes while completely ignoring you. The perfect earbuds this Father’s Day boast balanced armature tweeter and woofer speakers, and optimized sound tube design. The earbuds come with a built-in remote and microphone to easily navigate through music or answer a phone call. Available for purchase for $149.99
This is a hands-free wearable video camera. Think of MeCam like a Go-Pro for everyday life, just smaller and actually wearable. MeCams are amazing for travel as they are small and can be easily attached to clothes to capture vacations for a first person point-of-view while keeping your hands-free. Be creative and stealth-like when snapping your kid’s next soccer game. Available for purchase for $49.99
droplet robotic sprinklerDroplet
The power of the cloud at the end of your garden hose. Droplet is the world’s first smart sprinkler system that keeps your plants healthy without wasting water by drawing upon a vast system of data to intelligently determine how best to care for your plants. With a super simple setup, Droplet takes the guesswork out of gardening by identifying each individual plant and distributing water based on its unique needs. Available for purchase for $299.00
The world’s first digital golf glove is the perfect sports gift to help Dad improve his swing. The glove is perfect for all golfers, from beginners to seasoned players. SensoGlove lets Dad learn how to correctly swing the club with built-in digital sensors that continuously monitor grip pressure to ensure a consistently accurate, smooth and powerful golf swing. Give your Dad the gift of real-time data results to ensure the perfect grip at any point on a golf course. Available for purchase for $89.00
belly armor radiashield boxer briefBelly Armor’s RadiaShield Boxer Brief
Not the usual boxers. These briefs help protect dad in a personal way from exposure to radiation from electronics. Belly Armor has come up with a solution called the RadiaShield Boxer Brief. The boxers come equipped with RadiaShield technologies with 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness (40-60dB). Comfy underwear that protects your male member is available for purhase for $49.00
kettle pizza collageKettlePizza
KettlePizza was developed to give people an affordable way to cook real wood-fired pizza on a traditional charcoal kettle grill. The stainless steel sleeve goes between the grill top and bottom creating a cooking chamber that remains consistently hot throughout the cooking cycle because the lid never needs to be removed. This solves the problem of overcooked bottoms and under cooked tops, which is the common result when cooking pizza on an outdoor grill. The KettlePizza is the perfect tailgating accessory for pizza lovers and Dad’s alike! A variety of kits range from $149.95-$399.95 KettlePizza


Olympia SB5500
Harness the power of the sun with Olympia’s Solar Power Series and never worry about running of battery again. You can use the sun or plug it in to charge it up. Charge cell phones, tablets, flashlights, two-way radios or anything with a USB or Micro-USB port. And for those sunless times, don’t fret, it has a power bank that stores energy. A great gift idea for the Dad that likes to camp and be adventurous. Available for purchase for $59.99
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