Smart Armor expands home and on-the-go product lines

Story Contribution: Thomas Hawthorne
Knowing that your valuables are being stored safely and securely is a necessity for anyone. With Smart Armor, a new technology startup, the company aims to solve that issue with their new line of home and on-the-go products. CEO Justin Zastrow and COO Ira Hayes discuss how their products work using Bluetooth technology and their smartphone application.


Originally known as Mobile Safe Case, now Smart Armor, the company signed a multi-million dollar deal with LifeProof and have raised $225,000 with a local equity firm to further development.
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Currently, the company is working to build hype for the products and educating the public on the benefits of their security leading up to release. As of right now there is no official release period.
Smart Armor was recently named as one of the 25 startup semifinalists in the 2015 Spring ACA Innovation Challenge.
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