GoDaddy launches one-stop-shop for website developers

For professional website developers and designers, managing your customer’s website just got easier. GoDaddy, the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small business, today announced two new products, GoDaddy WebPro and four new full-featured plans for Managed WordPress hosting.
GoDaddy SVP and GM of Hosting and Security, Jeff King said, “We think about half of small businesses use a professional or friend who freelances developing websites to build their site.”
With GoDaddy WebPro, the tools are meant to be a professional’s one-stop-shop and lessen the administrative time managing the clients and their sites and to instead spend more time building their business.
pro-desktop godaddy
New WebPro features include:

  • Account access – Typically, King said that the average professional uses a spreadsheet to  organize a client’s account information and credit card. With the new product, the client could give the pro access to their account, but not their private information.
  • Shared shopping carts – So many business owners don’t have the faintest clue what tools to buy  to build a website, King explained. Now, an owner can hire a pro to choose products for them, leave it in the shopping cart then check out at their convenience.
  • Site monitoring – Website performance and uptime alerts are automated.
  • Client dashboard – Professionals can manage all of their clients and products in one place instead of logging in and out of different accounts.
  • Pro support and training – A direct line to a team of highly trained technical agents and priority in the queue.
  • Hosting products – GoDaddy Pro can be coupled with GoDaddy Pro features in hosting products including, site staging, automated backups and security features.

“We want to make the lives of these professionals easier,” King said.
For anyone who works with a WordPress site, there is a varying degree of headaches that go along with it. With their new hosting platform, GoDaddy wants to be the aspirin for small business owners.
“We are taking the hassles away from you,” King said. “Our features are meant to simplify the use of WordPress. We’ve built a turnkey version that provides patching, updating, maintaining security,” and more, King said.
The plans include:

  • The WP101 and SIDEKICK helps train the users with tutorials, short videos and in-app training.
  • The Deluxe plan includes a built-in, easy-to-use search engine wizard that guides users through, and automatically applies SEO basics, to make their sites visible on top search engines.
  • The Ultimate plan includes added security measures, such as malware detection and removal from Sitelock, as well as an SSL to keep it secure and safe from hackers.
  • The Developer plan is geared towards giving designers and developers the tools to make building and managing client sites faster and easier for up to five sites. Advanced features include command line access with SSH and one-click staging sites for development and testing.

To support the new platforms GoDaddy has created a new support team to service with access to a “super technical person,” King said. “You have to have killer support to win the professionals over.”
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Graphics provided by GoDaddy