Get to the front of the nightclub line with Tipsy

Nightlife goers won’t need to be on “the list” to avoid long lines at their favorite club.
Tipsy, a nightlife app, gives users a VIP experience by offering vouchers to clubs redeemable for a free drink, no cover charge or getting to the front of the line.
Co-founder Eli Chmouni, and a team of ASU alumni entrepreneurs, are laser focused on providing club goers an upgraded experience when they hit the town.


Eli Chmouni demos Tipsy at Collision conference

Since their launch in March 2015, the team has built a network of over 35 clubs, lounges, restaurants and bars in Scottsdale, Tempe and Phoenix.
Tipsy has a free and a monthly $15 membership version. The upgraded version comes with five VIP vouchers per month.
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When a member wants to redeem a voucher, it’s as simple as choosing a perk and showing their smartphone to the bartender or bouncer.
Tipsy company said, “The premium model usually pays for itself within one night out on the town.”
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“Tipsy offers all our members detailed information about happy hour specials, great perks, and amazing customer service,” Chmouni said. “Whether you want to grab drinks with your girlfriends for happy hour or access the best nightclubs at night, we are your entertainment experience buddies.”
Chmouni decided build a business in the entertainment arena because “…it has not seen major innovative change in marketing and outreach over the past years.”
He explained that nightclubs continue to market the same way, promoters passing out cards and fliers to events to attract customers, but have no idea about the ROI.
“This [methodology] gives the venue no data about the effectiveness of the street team or any of the demographics of their customer base. Tipsy developed a marketing analytics dashboard for the venues (imagine a Google analytics platform for physical location),” he continued.
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Currently Tipsy has 500 users and have plans to expand to more location including San Diego and Austin.
In addition, they plan to add more services to help the venues bring in customers including social media, event planning and graphic design.
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