Gadgets for the Guru: Mother’s Day edition

Give your Mom some of the hottest tech gadgets on the market this Mother’s Day. Your Madre will be the envy of all other Mom’s.
uvicube mom gadgetUviCube
The newest breed of appliance employs ultraviolet light to disinfect and murder 99.9% of germs. Instead of using of harmful disinfectants and sprays, utilize the power of light with UviCube. It offers more than the traditional baby bottle and pacifier sterilizing systems because it safely uses UV light to sterilize other items such as mobile phones, electronics and household items without high heat or moisture. Available for pre-order for $259.00.
air angel mom gadgetAir Oasis’ Air Angel
The Air Angel is a small mobile air purifier with energy-efficient technology that fights germs by cleaning and sanitizing the air in rooms up to 250 sq. ft. If you’re a traveling Mom and you’re worried about germy hotel rooms, bring Air Angel along with you knowing that the air your baby will breathe is clean. Air “Sanifiers” are carefully assembled by hand in an Air Oasis manufacturing facility to ensure strict quality management and reliable air purification. Available for purchase for $249.99.
mamaroo seat mom gadget4moms mamaRoo seat
The mamaRoo seat rocks like you do. This baby-rocking seat is the perfect addition to the household. Complete every day tasks like laundry and dishes while your baby relaxes in a safe and comfortable seat. It bounces up and down and sways from left to right. Feel at ease putting your infant down in this comfy and interactive baby recliner that has an accompanying mobile app. It’s like your baby’s own La-Z-Boy. Available for purchase for $269.99.
Iris (home automation)
Lowe’s Home Improvement was in full force at CES with their own makeshift house that showcased their autonomous smart home technology, Iris. Iris is a comprehensive home automation system that does everything from lowering window blinds to lighting the fireplace. Though, the most interesting feature is the Iris Senior Pendant. Learn more here.

NuFACE mini mom gadgetNuFACE mini
The NuFACE mini is a pocket facelift. This petite and portable, facial toning device provides a visible facial-lift in as little as five minutes a day. Get rid of those pesky wrinkles with this innovative gadget. In the box you get the NuFACE mini facial toning device, a NuFACE 2 oz. gel primer, and a power adapter. Available for purchase for $199.00.
innerexile mom gadgetinnerexile phone case
The innerexile hydra case for iPhone 6/6 Plus is a self-mending case that utilizes a protective coating that fixes light scratches and scuffs within 30 seconds, and is tested against a 1000g bronze brush. The highly resilient material maintains the case’s flexible and comfortable grip. innerexile hydra is available in three translucent colors. Available for purchase for $25.00.
bemo-phone mom gadgetLogitech’s BEMO
The Bemo is a sleek social video camera that captures the cutest moments in your kids’ lives. Every Mom will want one of these cameras that can easily fit in a pocket or purse. The Bemo produces high-quality video that can be edited, filtered and shared on all social media channels. Be the coolest Mom at the park and capture the memorable moments. Available for purchase for $129.00.
fly6 mom gadgetFly6
Ride your bike worry free with Cycliq’s Fly6. This gadget replaces your existing bike taillight with a red light and built-in HD camera that records in real-time what happens behind you. The Fly6 is the perfect gift for an active Mom that likes taking her kids on neighborhood bike rides. Available for purchase for $169.00.
iB37B-blue.jpg.450x400_q85 ihome mom gadget
iHome iB37 headphones
These over-the-ear headphones by iHome take music to the next level. The color-changing capability is the coolest feature in a variety of iHome products. Color modes include: color spectrum, favorite color, strobe to the beat, and color pulse. Although these headphones are not cordless, they are the perfect gadget for the music lovin’ Mom. Available in May 2015 for $49.99.
sound blaster jamCreative Sound Blaster JAM
This wireless headset is the perfect option for a music lovin’ Mom, or if you’re on a budget. The lightweight and durable over-the-ear headphones can easily connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and you’ll be jamming to tunes in no time. Cut the cords and dance! Available for purchase for $49.99.
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