Anita Borg Institute ranks GoDaddy as top company for women in tech

Co-written with Tishin Donkersley
The Anita Borg Institute (ABI), a non-profit organization focused on the advancement of women in computing, announced the Top Companies for Women Technologists Leadership Index and Arizona’s own GoDaddy was listed amongst the likes of Rackspace Hosting and Salesforce. BNY Mellon took home the overall win.
ABI evaluated 35 technology companies, 435,000 technical employees and 91,000 women technologists. Top Companies were determined by reviewing participating companies’ quantitative data of what positions women held within the workplace and what kind of promotions and recruitments women were receiving over the years.
“BNY Mellon and all of the companies on the Top Companies Leadership Index have demonstrated a commitment to advancing women in technical roles and creating a culture where they can thrive,” said Telle Whitney, chief executive officer at Anita Borg Institute, in a press release.
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Technology companies have come under fire for the lack of women employees placed in management and engineering positions. ABI reported that women make up about “23 percent of the technical workforce, earning 18 percent of computer science degrees, are underrepresented in the technical workforce and leaving the industry twice the rate as men” due to the inhospitable treatment and boy’s club mentality.
GoDaddy has received criticism in the past for displaying women in scantily clad outfits within advertising campaigns. Since the appointment of Blake Irving to CEO, GoDaddy has been working to change their image and empower women.
Irving has championed the GoDaddy Women in Technology network, which supports professional development and networking and has been involved in the Society of Women Engineers and the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.
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GoDaddy has changed up their ad campaigns to show women as kick ass small business owners and shifted their company’s message and vibe to “It’s Go Time.” In addition, GoDaddy has appointed more females to C-suite positions within the last year including:

Nima Kelly, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, was appointed earlier to the GoDaddy team.
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GoDaddy has filed for an IPO this year, which went up 31 percent of its asking price on opening day.
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