5th Dimension Logistics acquires Superior Financial Service to optimize payment solutions

After a successful completion of an acquisition, 5th Dimension Logistics (5thDL) purchased Superior Financial Service (SFS) for an undisclosed amount. The newly formed corporation will be named Sparrow, symbolizing the company’s perseverance, integrity and efficiency.
5thDL is a global leader in the payment software industry and in order to offer their customers a complete package of services, 5thDL decided to acquire merchant services provider SFS.
“Combining a merchant services offering with our disruptive technology takes our ability to provide a more comprehensive ‘omni-channel’ payment solution to a whole new level,” said Matanda Doss, former CEO of 5thDL and current CEO of Sparrow.
The combined entity will couple 5thDL’s cloud-based payment gateway software, military-grade security, and user-friendly interface with SFS’ highly transparent, advanced merchants/processor matching capabilities.
“We will provide seamless merchant account services, technology, and support all under one roof and brand,” said former President of SFS and new President of Sparrow.
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Graphics courtesy of Sparrow