Sally Hogshead pours a shot of fascination into small businesses – ICON15

“Different is better than better,” said author, speaker and former advertising executive Sally Hogshead during her keynote speech at Infusionsoft’s ICON15 small business conference. Hogshead, emphasized that honing in on what makes you different helps you compete in your market without having an extravagant marketing budget.
Hogshead founded Fascinate, Inc. and created The Fascinate System, a personality test that helps one understand how the world perceives you. The test helps determine your strongest personality advantages and matches up two of the strongest advantages to equal a personality archetype.
sally hogshead keynote pic-1 icon15What makes you fascinating?
The 7 Advantages of Fascination:

  1. Innovation: fastest to adopt a new system
  2. Passion: most likely to share content
  3. Power: most likely to be a biz owner
  4. Prestige: biggest investors in higher goals
  5. Trust: slowest conversion but highest consistency
  6. Mystique: best open rate
  7. Alert: most responsive to precision

Below is the graph of 49 personality archetypes based on the “advantages” match up. Who knows, you could have an employee who is “The Maestro” with ambition, focus and confidence or  “The Deadbolt” who is unemotional, introverted and concentrated.
sally hogshead archetypes personality test icon15
Which archetype best describes you? 
Personality tests aren’t uncommon in workplaces and at times used to bring about self-awareness or screen employees for certain tasks or positions. Hogshead offers one method to unveiling the uniqueness of ones’ employees while celebrating the traits and gifts within.
“You don’t have to change who you are; you have to become more of who you are,” said Hogshead.
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