Seed Spot launches nine new startup ventures

From the top of a rooftop overlooking downtown Phoenix, Seed Spot announced the nine new startup ventures who have been inducted into Spring 2015’s incubator program.
To kick it off, Seed Spot CEO and co-founder Courtney Klein spoke briefly about her incubator, which has seen an 88 percent success rate of startups who have been brought up through Seed Spot which has led to the creation of 160 jobs.
“We’re about making an impact,” Klein said.

Seed Spot is a Phoenix based incubator program, which puts early stage ventures and their entrepreneurs through a rigorous curriculum to help build their business.
Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton spoke at the event and welcomed in the inductees. “What you’re doing is putting us on the map,” he said to the crowd.
Here are the nine ventures selected for this year’s full-time program:
Greenlight Solutions teaches students and businesses to utilized sustainability options to build a better and greener future for the world.
H.E.A.R.T. Center a venture focusing on helping students with disabilities.
Nagi Foundation hopes to promote animals safety within the Native American community. One of their goals is to promote the spaying or neutering of animals.
Glove Treat creates a simple paraffin wax to help treat rheumatoid arthritis. It’s quick and simple too, only taking about 90 seconds to heat the wax.
AZ Vision and Hearing already helps schools assess students’ vision and hearing, but they are creating software to back-up the program. The software will inform parents of their child’s results and even alert parents if their child was not at school the day the vision and hearing test was administered.
Wellness lifestyle has their work cut off for them when they want to make college student’s care about their health. But when they aren’t doing that, they’re promoting a healthy holistic lifestyle for all.
The Genius Factory is a tutoring and test prep center, hoping to cultivate and build students so they may succeed in their academic endeavors.
Zombie Box created a way to greatly reduce noise pollution within city centers and housing area with their product. And with the reduction of noise pollution, they say it will lead to great success for those living within noisy communities.
HUYA is a GPS service for the honey-do list. If there’s a leaky pipe in your home, use HUYA to have a repairman over in a pinch. It’s “Uber meets Angie’s List.”
After 14 weeks, the startups will present at the Seed Spot demo day in front of a live audience filled with investors, mentors, entrepreneurs and community leaders.
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