Arizona SciTech Festival isn’t just for kids

If you were that kid that enjoyed creating tornadoes in a bottle, making Epsom salt crystal spikes or exploding soda with a mentos, you don’t have to stop playing with science because you grew up. Arizona SciTech Festival, a statewide event, offers over 800 events including workshops, Minecraft events and much more all geared towards science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEM) education.
“These are essential skills people need to be effective problem solvers in the 21st century,” Jeremy Babendure, executive director of the Arizona SciTech Festival, said.
The festival is not just for kids, anyone who has an interest in innovation and the sciences should come to one of the many different events running through March 31, Babendure said.
If you’re a parent and you’re excited about a certain event, then bring the kids so they’ll be just as excited, Babendure said.
Or, if you just want to go to an event for yourself, there are plenty events such as birds n’ beer, or science of forensics.
Many companies have a strong technological arm, Babendure said. And with that, STEM is becoming the key to success in a world where technology is taking main stage.
On Saturday, February 21, the AZ SciTech Festival welcomes children, teens, and adults of all ages to join in this weekends “Super Science Saturday” which will encompass some of the festivals greatest events in one day.
To see a complete schedule of the events go to Arizona SciTech Festival’s calendar.
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