Bellabeat: health gadgets designed by women for women

At CES 2015 we came across a women-centric tech gadget company that is certainly ahead of the competition for design with their latest innovations. Bellabeat, a company that creates health and fitness-conscious products made by women, for women, unveiled three new products that promote a happy and healthy woman, even during a 10-month pregnancy.
Leaf, a smart bracelet showcased at CES this year, is a carefully crafted wearable utilizing earthy materials that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear. The Leaf is a smart piece of jewelry that tracks women’s activity, sleep and nutrition through the Bellabeat mobile app. Made of wood, the Leaf can be worn as a necklace, brooch or bracelet. Available for preorder at
bella beat
The Shell is the first pregnancy and baby monitor that uses non-invasive technology to find your baby’s heartbeat. Also made of earthy materials, the tiny “suction-cup” device can be placed on a pregnant woman’s belly to easily hear their unborn baby’s heartbeat. The Shell works well after your baby is born and works just like a regular baby monitor; listen to your baby’s movements from another room, play white to establish sleep patterns, hear and understand your baby’s crying, and track the air humidity and temperature in your baby’s room all through the Bellabeat mobile app. Available for preorder at
bellabeat shell
The Bellabeat Balance is a smart scale specially designed for women that tracks women’s health and their weight in every single stage of their lives. In addition to measuring your weight, the Balance tracks and calculates other health factors like BMI. Also compatible with the Bellabeat mobile app, you can track your nutrition and log your food in the app so you can have a complete overview of the food you eat and find out how it reflects your weight and health. Available for preorder on
bellabeat balance
Bellabeat suggests that by using the Leaf, Shell and Balance in tandem, women are ensured a relaxing, active and healthy life journey.
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