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If your Twitter profile picture for your startup or business is still the egg, then you’re doing social media wrong. In today’s growing world of social media you’ll want to make sure your online reputation is popping and at this month’s AZ Tech Beat Lunch and Learn panel you’ll want to pay attention.
During the talk the panelists went over many topics such as how to manage trolls and handle social media gaffes. The panelists, Tony Felice, president of TFPR and Image Management, Kevin Berk, Founder and President of AZ on the Rocks and MoniQue Hoffman, founder of QtheBrand is a social media and branding specialist.
Also, you’ll learn about the perils of Twitter having the retweet button next to the reply button.


Run time 36 minutes and totally worth the hilarity & stories

Their top tips for how to manage your company’s online reputation were:

  1. Make sure your company has a brand and it’s consistent. There are many social media sites and making sure every single one is current and has correct information is a key to having a good reputation online.
  2. Be authentic and transparent on social media. Tell your followers the truth and when you make a mistake own up to it and correct it, do not just delete the post.
  3. Have a social media plan and your presence ready in the beginning of your startup or entrepreneurial endeavor. Far too often does a company get started and they have no social media presence. Avoid having to play catch-up and start off right on the Internet.

The panelists also touched on making sure to use the proper social media sites that fit your image. If you make craftable items, join pinterest, if you sell desserts make an Urban Spoon account.
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Next month’s AZ Tech Beat Lunch and Learn is Feb. 27. Check back at AZ Tech Beat to hear more details about the speaker and topic.
Video contribution by Shane Rymer

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  1. In this discussion I mention JW Marriott Desert Ridge, to be clear, their social media response was amazing. The point I was hoping to make was make sure you have ways for people to communicate with you so they don’t have to rely on social media.

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