Air Force promotes STEM edu with full-motion simulator at Fan Fest Scottsdale

Video contribution Thomas Hawthorne
Flying through the desert at high speed, jumping out of an airplane then taking off on a dirt bike to a remote location to launch a drone strike. This isn’t an XBox game, it’s the Rapid Strike full-motion flight simulator the Air Force brought for the public at Fan Fest Scottsdale.


Watch the simulator in action & highlights from Fan Fest- 1 min run time

According to an Air Force spokesperson at the event, the simulator is one of the tools used at Fan Fest to illustrate how STEM education transfers into the military. In addition to the Top Gun experience, experts from various local and regional Air Force bases will be on-hand to educate the public about survival tactics, medical, maintenance, and more STEM-based topics.
As part of the event, main sponsor Cox Communications prepared for the vast amount of selfie uploads by installing additional WIFI towers in the area so patrons can post with ease.
Other entertainment at the event include ESPN with their massive stage and live reporting, local food trucks, live music, and more.
The event is free and will run up to and including Super Bowl Sunday. Find our more about Fan Fest here.
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