Why you might flip over The Egg – CES2015 – startup – video

Video contribution by Travis Arbon
The Egg, a personal web server in the palm of your hand, had plenty of people flipping over this new device at CES Showstoppers 2015. The idea that one could dump all of their info from their mobile devices onto this hand-held server and maintain total control over distribution of content was the co-founder’s main focus behind the development. Co-founder Eggcyte, Thomas Martis and former Intel engineer, refers to many hacking incidents resulting in personal information released to the world and wanted to build a server made for you and not shared by the masses.


Co-Founder Thomas Martis announcement at CES Showstopers

The device is shaped like the name, it has a 2.5 inch touchscreen, a micro USB port and runs on a version of Tizen OS. The user can manage their data and security features from the device or their  allows users to manage data and security features from the device. They still plan to roll out three versions of the Egg with 64, 128 and 256 GBs of storage at tentative prices of $199, $299 and $399 respectively.
Both Eggcyte co-founders Martis and Barry Solomon were on-hand to demo for event goers how to free up your storage space on your mobile devices phone. Since our last update, Martis said that upon completion of consumer trials, opening up storage on ones’ smartphone was the biggest appeal. At Showstoppers, they also announced the relaunch of their Kickstarter campaign beginning January 27.
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