AZ-based Eyetech Digital Systems & Saccadous have their eye on each other – CES 2015

Video contribution by Travis Arbon
Blink…change the channel….Look right…switch to Apple TV…Blink. At CES, more eye tech tracking companies are emerging and pairing their tech with everything from TVs to iPads to enhance your experience. For Mesa, Arizona-based Eyetech Digital Systems, they released the first multi-user eye tracking system. Though still in its infancy stage, Eyetech’s newest addition to its services and solutions is eye-popping!
Instead of couples arguing over the remote, it’ll come down to who has the fastest eye twitch-and we can also look forward to no gaming consoles being thrown at the TV.


AZTB team demos the software

Eyetech’s new partnership agreement with Scottsdale-based Saccadous, a neurotech company, shows that eye tracking isn’t just for video games. Saccadous, came onboard to engineer and manufacture an innovative eye tracking device to help diagnose, track and treat neurological ailments such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. The collaboration came about as a result of Arizona State University’s Furnace Accelerator program.
“Through the Furnace Accelerator program, we had an opportunity to choose from over 100 technologies to see if there were technologies we thought we could bring to market,” said Saccadous CEO Craig Caffarelli of Scottsdale. “We looked at companies in Germany, China, and Japan, and our search eventually led us right back home to Arizona, and EyeTech Digital Systems,” explained Caffarelli.
Eyetech is no stranger to the industry and has been at the forefront of eye tracking technology for over 17 years. They developed the first Windows based eye tracking mouse, the first miniature eye tracker, and the first long-distance eye tracker, which were all industry firsts.
The partners shared a booth at CES this year and hope to bring to market their innovative technologies in the near future.
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