Next-gen FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera is mini and mighty

Video contribution by Travis Arbon
Thermal imaging just got easier for all mobile device users. The predator-vision thermal imaging camera shrunk from a case with a calibration handle to a simple attachment with auto calibration (thank goodness) that is now available for Android and all iOS devices.
As for the app, instead of accessing multiple, they’ve combined all the features into one.┬áThe app allow users to take video and photos in various colors and in panoramic; when choosing your theme, the app presents all the options in a tile format so you can pick the best one for the moment.┬áContent can also be shared via text, email or social media.
Even with the mini size, no thermal info is lost and it enhances the perceived 640×480 resolution of the thermal image. The device will be available mid-2015 for $249.
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Graphics provided by FLIR ONE