Bro, do you even lift? Measure your muscle quality with Skulpt

Video contribution by Travis Arbon
Here at CES, there is no short of fitness trackers and wearables. Most fitness trackers have similar functions, but the Skulpt Aim stands out with its ability to measure muscle quality and body fat percentage on 24 of your muscles, such as biceps, triceps, shoulders, forearms and others.
After a successful Indiegogo campaign and raising over $380,000, Skulpt Aim is ready for the masses. Now you can obsess over your bicep quality over the Skulpt Aim. The Aim, which is smaller than a smartphone, is placed against the skin and using EIM Technology, the device sends a small current directly through your muscles. There are 12 sensors and multiple frequencies to get the readings. The readings will be sent to the dashboard app so that you can track the health of your muscles.
Here’s AZTB team member Ryan trying out the Skulpt.

The device stores up to 6 users, each having access to their own dashboard app on their smartphones (iOS and Android compatible).
The Aim is available for preorder for $199 and will ship in January.