Gadgets for the Guru: Charge Up edition

Have you ever been at a restaurant and your phone dies right as you are about to post an Instagram of your delicious meal? This week’s Gadgets for the Guru can help with that.
hootoo tripmate eliteHooToo’s TripMate Elite
“Travel is about freedom,” said Allen Fung, co-founder of HooToo. The TripMate Elite is an all-in-one personal cloud, travel router, Wi-Fi hotspot, battery charger, and AC adapter. By potentially replacing five other devices, travelers can not just travel a lot lighter, they can support a far more effective use of energy, packaging and production resources when compared to buying each of those as stand-alone items.
$55.99 TripMate Elite
TYLT Energi 2K Travel Charger with Built-in42f15093d21a68bc2134f7c0f61c8b03_largeBattery
A wall charger + a portable battery? The best travel companion for all of your gadgets. The Energi 2K by TYLT combines a 2,200 mAh battery, a universal USB port, foldable AC wall prongs and an LED battery status indicator into one. Now you can charge your phone any time any where.
Available in 4 different colors (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow)
portable power-3Justin Slim Power Bank 2,000 mAh 
Credit card sized Power Bank that comes with a synthetic leather carry case. The lightweight, slim design easily fits into any pocket, briefcase or purse and can easily charge any of your favorite devices. It’s currently sold at AAFES and will be available at Ross starting July 21.
$39.99 Slim Power Bank

u-stone-lepow portable powerThe U-Stone Power Bank by Lepow 12,000 mAh

The U-Stone is a powerful power bank, and at 12,000 mAh it can charge up to two devices at once. With its soft-edge design you can easily charge a device in just the 7 hours that you sleep. The U-Stone comes in the colors Sand Khaki and Stone Gray. Winner of the German Reddot Design Award back in January, 2013 , this power bank is one of the best on the market.
$39.99 The U-Stone 12,000 mAh
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portable power-7Inergie Pocketcell 3,000 mAh
A universal rechargeable mobile battery bank designed to provide you power when you need it the most and can be used with all USB-powered devices. It charges all USB-powered mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, mp3 players, portable game consoles and more.
$59.99 Inergie Pocketcell

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