SkyTouch Technology names new VP of Technology Delivery

SkyTouch Technology, provider of the most widely used cloud-based property and rate management platform, with more than 5,700 successful installations in hotels worldwide, is pleased to welcome Steve Randle as its new Vice President of Technology Delivery. Randle will use his expertise to lead advancements in the SkyTouch Hotel OS platform while delivering quality business solutions to meet the expectations of SkyTouch Technology customers.
“We are pleased to have Steve on board leading SkyTouch’s technology delivery,” says Ric Leutwyler, President of SkyTouch Technology. “Steve’s global perspective, spanning over 30 years across multiple industries, allows for a unique, customer-driven outlook on technology. Steve is a highly principled relationship builder and team leader who positions organizations for the next stage of growth through collaboration, trust, and instilling a culture of success.”
SkyTouch tech Randle headshotAs Vice President of Technology Delivery, Randle says he is currently focused on enhancing distribution management services and delivering quality business solutions quickly and efficiently to meet clients’ expectations. With a track record of engaging customers in platform evolution, the SkyTouch Hotel OS platform is enhanced and updated based on the feedback of current clients and potential customers. The company is working toward providing a single platform for all hotel operation needs.
“One of the superior benefits of working with SkyTouch is the company’s attitude toward embracing and implementing change with relative ease,” Randle says. “Whether it’s feature changes, development methodology restructuring, or infrastructure alterations to help meet the unique demands of hoteliers, SkyTouch is motivated and nimble enough to address the varying needs of customers with simple and seamless delivery solutions. And that is truly what will continue to propel the SkyTouch Hotel OS platform as the preferred solution for hoteliers of all sizes.”
The SkyTouch Hotel OS solution is an affordable, full-featured platform providing property, rate, and distribution management tools.
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  1. Skytouch Technology is a complete mess. Employees are leaving in droves. I give them one year until complete implosion max. The main problem with this company is that they are not a company but simply a department of Choice Hotels and no large hotel companies want to buy their software from a competitor.

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