Doctor office wait times reduced with new cloud sharing system

If you’ve ever had to visit multiple physicians, hospitals or specialists for medical attention, the drama of getting your records sent over can be an exhausting process. Fortunately, the cloud is providing more healthcare providers the ability to share ones’ medical history and save the patient time and grief.
One company that is making headway in the healthcare cloud arena is DICOM Grid. They are known for their medical imaging software that assists in the aggregation of patients imaging and results history. DICOM Grid’s secure delivery system allows images to be exchanged and shared between facilities and applications without the need for complex IT networking requirements. Image viewing and sharing is delivered through a zero footprint application that is accessible with any browser capable device, and an application neutral copy of the imaging data can be archived to meet the retention requirements.
In addition, DICOM Grid’s mobile technology allows doctors to exchange and view images quickly and easily and allows doctors and providers to send medical images to a facility in advance of a physician visit so that hospitals can more efficiently evaluate and treat patients.
High tech imaging carries a big price tag, over 400 million medical procedures per year in the US involve at least one medical image, and 20 percent of imaging tests are repeats because different physician’s offices cannot access earlier data adding up to $26.5 billion dollars in healthcare costs. With easier access to these vital images, these dollar signs could decrease.
In addition, the ease of image sharing among physicians could lead to earlier diagnosis or identify patterns of change within the patient.
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