Startup Pure Chat all a buzz reaching 1M chat milestone

While larger service providers have dedicated live chat customer service representatives on hand awaiting to help you, the majority of businesses do not have that extra cash to keep someone on standby. However, in order to stay more connected to ones’ customers, smaller businesses are adding in live support software with mobile integration to their websites.
Pure Chat, a popular live support and sales software, today announced they reached a major milestone with one million chats. Founder Hamid Shojaee’s reaction soon after they reached the big 1M was…
“It feels amazing! It’s validation of all the hard work that the Pure Chat team has put into making the product better, more scalable, faster, easier, etc.”
When this startup launched in 2012 it had a slow start, but since Fall 2013 when Pure Chat completely overhauled the site, focused on small business and released mobile apps, they’ve realized a significant hockey stick rise in adoption and usage. Shojaee, also attributed their success to the simplicity of the product and keeping owners connected through their mobile devices.
“We’ve made Pure Chat as simple as possible and made native apps for Android and iOS so small business owners can respond to their website visitors on-the-go. The product is pure simple!” Shojaee says.

pure chat by month 2014
Provided by Pure Chat

Pure Chat recently released a pricing plan to take effect in September 2014. While they will continue to offer a free version, the paid plan is ridiculously cheaper than other live chat software on the market. Shojaee doesn’t foresee much drop off from users with the paid plan, in fact, he expects an increase in usage and adoption because it isn’t free.
“We expect to grow Pure Chat even faster! A big part of the problem when Pure Chat was completely free was that people couldn’t believe such an amazing product was completely free. They didn’t trust that it was real. Now, we have both free options and paid options and already we have people who are super excited that we’ll be able to invest even more into the development of the product,” Shojaee says.
Pure Chat-Pricing
And why the team intends to keep the pricing super cheap, Shojaee says, “We believe there are millions of websites out there as well as product listings (such as those on eBay, CraigsList, etsy and others) that could use an easy-to-install and inexpensive live chat service. In fact, website visitors have come to expect this service. It’s one of the first things people do when they have a question on a website: they look for the live chat button.
Shojaee and the Pure Chat team continue to progress and push to be the number one dominant choice for live chat software. Shojaee hinted that new features and options are on the way with plans to release later in 2014.
“We’re just getting warmed up with Pure Chat. It’s gonna get exciting! Stay tuned!” Shojaee exclaimed.
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