Game CoLab hosts Phoenix Makes Games Jam – July 18-20

Game CoLab, the Tempe-based incubator that caters toward independent game development, will host Phoenix Makes Games Jam, and event that brings together artists, coders, storytellers, and more, to create prototype games in 48 hours.
The event will kick off at the ASU Digital Culture studio from July 18-20 at 6:00 p.m. Beginning Friday night, participants will be given a theme for their game, then it’s 48 hours to the finish. Teams will present their work to a panel of local developers and community members for prizes.
According to Ben Reichert, CEO and cofounder of Game CoLab, game jams have been occurring around the valley but more on a smaller scale or at larger universities such as, University for Advancing Technology and Collins College.
“Making games is a rewarding collaborative process,” Reichert said. “With the resources we’ve been gathering through the Game CoLab, I’m not only excited to identify people making games and inspire others to start making games, but also to encourage them to be entrepreneurs. My mission is to grow the video game industry in Arizona and having regular game jams is a key part in building a strong community of practice.”
Reichert said he hopes to make the Games Jam an annual event. Reichert sees the benefit of these type of community events by exposing the talent and is confident that the local game scene will continue to thrive and attract more developers to the Valley.
“Despite the lack of a robust game development community like those in Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin and San Francisco, game developers in Phoenix continue to make their mark everyday and I’m convinced that as the local community and resources grow we will see a community here like no other,” he said. I’m constantly blown away by the caliber of mentors and teams we’ve identified through the Game CoLab and everyone’s willingness to work together.”
Game CoLab, along with several other sponsors, is running the event with the help of a $4,000 grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts-additional sponsors are welcome.
For more information on the PHOENIX MAKES GAME JAM click here.
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