Phoenix’s IO receives patent approval in a big win for IP in Arizona

IO, a global leader in software-defined data centers, announced recently that it has received patent approval for ­its modular data center, a major achievement for intellectual property in Arizona.
After initially filing the patent back in 2008, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has officially certified IO’s proprietary software-defined modular data center model. This model is the basis of IOs approach to data center technology, which sets itself apart from the industry standard. The company’s official blog describes the standard as “real-estate” based, much like how a building manager would rent out space to a tenant. But this leaves out room for growth and is a one-size fits all take.
As a result, IO’s patent illustrates the need for a data center that is not only powerful but capable of rapid scalability along with the environmental management required to support IT equipment.
IO’s software-defined modular data center model meets this need as it features “intelligent management, monitoring and control mechanisms built into the modular data center.” The software-defined focus is “purpose-built to deliver standard and secure increments of power, cooling, and IT capacity wherever it is required on a just-in-time basis.”
“Our patent is a very important piece of intellectual property that was developed, designed, built and engineered in Arizona,” said Director of Corporate Communications, Lauren Rosenblum of the approval.“[It’s] an important achievement for our company and for our people.”
Take a look at the patent here.
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