Boost your writer rep with startup ClearVoice content ranking platform

Today, iAcquire co-founders Joe Griffin and Jay Swansson launched a new venture called ClearVoice, a content marketing platform that helps connect brands, publishers and writers via an authorship scoring system.
ClearVoice provides an index of popular web content producers with an objective measurement of their influence by way of a numerical score. Essentially, it’s like a Klout score for writers.
ClearVoice Search Example
The ClearVoice Score is determined by a number of factors including the level of impact a site carries, how often the writer is published on that site, how many sites they post to and how many people are sharing their content across the web and social media.
“This Score gives brands an elastic and transparent view into experts in their industry and, at the same time, gives writers the ability to share their work and create real economic value for themselves,” said Swansson.
ClearVoice Profile Sample
First, users have to request a writer invitation from ClearVoice to participate. Their site then offers tips and tricks to start tracking and building an “author power ranking.”
The platform brings an easier way for companies to find writers who produce meaningful and impactful content, allowing them to search by author, topic and publication.
ClearVoice tracks and measures content with a digital signature or authorship of that content. ClearVoice is currently using Google+ and Twitter accounts to authenticate that.
Swansson shared that in the next few months, ClearVoice will launch a public marketplace called “The Assignment Desk” along with publisher workflow tools.
“ClearVoice has already partnered with some of the world’s largest content marketing platforms, brands and agencies so we’re excited about the opportunity to help create this new content economy,” Swansson said.
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Graphics provided by ClearVoice.