New Startup challenges the online addict to get unplugg'd

Think about how many times you use your mobile devices in a day–whether it’s to connect to others via social media, listen to music, or stare at arbitrarily to avoid awkward situations–these portable electronics fill up a good portion of one’s day.

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Ryan Loebe, AZTB, completely plugged in.

According to a study by eMarketer, a market research company that provides insights and trends related to digital marketing, “Nearly two-fifths of all mobile phone users—close to one-quarter of the worldwide population—will use a smartphone at least monthly in 2014.”
This prediction shows just how much of the worldwide population will be mobile, but what about the United States, a mecca where smartphones and tablets thrive in everyday life?
According to Flurry, a mobile analytics company, “Americans spend an average of 158 minutes every day on their smartphones and tablets” and according to a survey called “IT in the Toilet”  by marketing company 11Mark, “75 percent of Americans bring their phones to the bathroom.”
With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that some people worry about the amount of time consumed by electronics. There are some options to help the tech obsessed take a step back, though. One Arizona startup, Camp Unplugg’d, aims to immerse people into nature for a weekend with one catch: no electronics allowed.
According to its website, there is “no work talk allowed” and participants engage in activities such as hiking or painting.
So AZ Tech Beat wants to know: How long can you go unplugged? Fill out a quick survey and share this story on Twitter, Tweet at us and use hashtag #azunplugged and enter to win the myCharge Freedom 2000 powercase for iPhone 5. We’ll break down the results later this week.



Contributions from eMarketer, Flurry, and 11mark.