Get your weekends back with startup eJobba on-demand handyman

We all have those pesky jobs we need done – whether it’s trimming the trees or remodeling a bathroom, but it can be hard to find qualified people to complete this kind of work without spending a pretty penny!
eJobba is an online database that will help consumers and businesses with the hustle and bustle of efficiently finding qualified workers. eJobba provides consumers with a simple, safe and efficient way to find local workers for jobs ranging from home improvement to self-improvement. The service is launching initially in the Arizona market, but plans to expand nationwide over the next several months.
eJobba includes listings for everything from car repairs, paint jobs and pool services to personal training and swimming lessons. Signing up is free for both consumers and workers. Compared to other competitors out there, this is a huge bonus!
With these on-demand services already out on the market, have a mobile application and are funded, like Handybook and Housecall, why bother with eJobba? For one, those cos. aren’t in AZ yet, but what else? What makes it different or better, and how can I trust who is coming into my home?
To this, the eJobba creators say:
There is no monthly service fees for consumers or service providers.
With other sites, workers do not bid on your jobs, but rather they choose the workers for you. eJobba enables you to choose the best service provider for your needs/budget.
With other sites, there is no way to know if you are getting the best price because you only get one, but eJobba is set up for consumers to receive as many bids as possible on all posted jobs.
eJobba also does more in depth background checks and screenings by FirstAdvantage not just an online screening like Been Verified.
Consumers’ money is protected through a secure escrow account with Braintree Payments, by our local PayPal company. This provides safety and security for both consumers and service providers because consumers do not have to pay or release funds if they are not satisfied with the work.
So if this is tempting for you to try out and have a long To Do List for this weekend, it works pretty simply…go on the website, sign up and post a job. From there, qualified workers can view the job posts and place bids. You can browse through these bidders (qualifications, background check, job history, etc.) and select which one you want. While you have to pay up front for the services rendered, the funds will not be released until the job is completed.
CEO and Founder Jeff Dumas tells AZTB, “The reason I built the web site was to offer businesses and workers an opportunity to bid on jobs in their area. At the same time, it’s a great way for consumers to find workers and get competitive bids without searching and calling around, which takes up valuable time. Basically, eJobba matches consumers with businesses and workers in an open bidding marketplace, and it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”
Right now, eJobba is also offering up to $5,000 towards any job posted on the website through 8/31/14. One winner will get their job or service done for free – up to $5000. The more jobs you submit, the better chance you have to win! Get started here.
Learn more about eJobba here