Gilbert's EZ Spaces opens – a collaborative co-working space for small businesses

If small business owners are tired of working from home or coffee shops or are tired of paying for office space they do not need, EZ Spaces might be the answer.
EZ Spaces, which is located in Gilbert, gives people a professional place to work as well as access to office amenities like Wi-Fi, printers and coffee. But John Mahon, EZ Spaces creator and owner, said the coworking atmosphere really attracts customers.
“Something amazing happens when like-minded individuals come together in a collaborative space,” Mahon said.
Even though EZ Spaces members are working on their own projects, Mahon said just by being in a social environment encourages creative discussions that can lead to more innovation. Everything from freelance designers to international nonprofit organizations are using EZ Spaces already, Mahon said.
EZ Spaces offers a number of membership options, including daily rentals, 5 or 10-day passes or unlimited monthly passes. There are also options to just rent out conference rooms, have storage lockers and personal mailboxes.
So far Mahon said the largest challenge to EZ Spaces is that it is a still a new concept in Arizona. “People think in the back of their heads that they still need an office.” Mahon said. He said that if business owners think about it, they really might only need an office 10 days a month, if that is true EZ Spaces might be a better option for them.
Learn more about EZ Spaces here