Startup FreeBike Project uses tech & social to enhance its green ads

FreeBike Project is finding away to add technology to a business that does not seem like it needs it.
FreeBike Project puts advertisements on bicycles and then leases those bikes to college students for free. It seems like a pretty solid advertising/marketing company, but the company’s cofounder, Scott Ferreira said “there is a whole technology component to it still that can really blow things out of the water.”
Ferreira said the company is starting to track the bikes with GPS, so he can go to potential advertisers and say where the bikes go and how many people can potentially see the advertisement.
But what might be even better than GPS tracking might be the social medial presence of the FreeBikes. “A byproduct of this is that students are taking pictures of the bikes and uploading them to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,” Ferreira said. He said this way these companies are getting ads on social media that are not sponsored or traditional ads.
Before FreeBike Project, Ferreira founded My Social Cloud, which was acquired by He is knowledgeable in the tech sector and believes he knows how to use technology to take FreeBike Project to the next level.
FreeBike Project is a venture in the Phoenix Flock II class at Desarrollo incubator.