Tom McDermott, founder Ignite, speaks at FLFPHOENIX 4/4 at MAC6

Attendees of the February Free Lunch Friday walked away with helpful information from Tom Rusling, general manager of iAcquire, who gave insight into content marketing, the importance of verifying authors on Google and domain authority to a sell out crowd.
Rusling expressed, “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.”
For our next FLFPHOENIX we are shifting locations and heading to MAC6 in Tempe on April 4, 2014, to learn from Tom McDermott, Founder & Chief Ignition Officer of Ignite, about harnessing your natural curiosity to make a larger impact in the world and in your business.
McDermott brings his 26-year expertise from the technology industry to the stage. Through Ignite, he helps people, from all generations, find their purpose and re-energize ones’ natural curiosity and creativity for a larger impact. Get ready to be inspired and ignited!
Learn more about Ignite and Tom here. 

When: Friday, April 4, 2014 11am to 1 pm

Where: MAC6 

1430 W. Broadway Road, #201, Tempe, AZ 85282

What: Free lunch and lecture with Q&A



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