GoDaddy exploring IPO: WSJ

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, GoDaddy is gearing up for IPO. The report indicated that the company is set to interview underwriters in the coming weeks.
GoDaddy, the world’s top platform for small businesses, had made a significant shift in their messaging from the “sex sells” mantra and GoDaddy girl, to their new vibe and motto of “It’s Go Time,” pairing with humorous yet empowering ads featuring Jean Claude van Damme, Danica Patrick and small business owners. CEO Blake Irving was clear that it’s about the little guy and he is “hell bent” on building small businesses.
GoDaddy has been on an acquisition and product release frenzy – recently they launched their new product ‘Get Found’ to help small businesses simplify their marketing processes and allows their customers to find them easily through their frequented websites, acquired Media Temple, and released generic Top-Level Domains such as .LUXURY, .PHOTOGRAPHY and .GURU.
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