Scottsdale startup Delivery-IT simplifies retail delivery

Do you worry that your delivery drivers are delivering your packages like Ace Ventura? Looking for a platform to help schedule deliveries, track your drivers, and track your revenues and expenses all at once? Scottsdale-based Delivery IT is multi-vendor management platform that is directly integrated into the customer’s Point-of-Sale, as a button employees press to gain immediate vendors, quotes, and schedules.
Delivery IT follows a few basic sayings when it comes to how they run things: “BOSS, which means Buy Online Ship to Store; BOPIS, or Buy Online Pickup in Store; and SDD, or Same-Day Deliveries.
For retails customers, the ordering, scheduling and same-day delivery of their favorite goods becomes seamless. They can also easily access a real-time tracking system to manage the entire delivery process from end-to-end including live customer support feedback, rescheduling and returns.
ceo of delivery ITBack in December of 2013, The Arizona Commerce Authority selected Delivery-IT as the winner of the Arizona Innovation Challenge, which was a $250,000 grand prize. Brian Houston, CEO of Delivery-IT expressed, “We are honored to be selected for this award among so many great companies. It is particularly rewarding to be recognized for our innovation. For the first time, retailers and customers get a mutual benefit through the power of the cloud to get their merchandise home faster, safer and better than ever before.”
Delivery-IT offers the best delivery technology for the retail market because of its award-winning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based delivery management platform. This profit model combines a monthly maintenance licensing fee and a nominal charge per transaction.
Delivery-IT connects the retail company and the delivery company via their platform for a SaaS fee that creates real-time price and availability quoting, tracks the deliveries and records all metrics for the retailer and the customer.
Delivery-IT is looking into several markets and is focusing on multiple verticals most likely to offer immediate client access. This strategy has already yielded several industry partnerships, technology alliances and plentiful feedback with big box retailers of large durable goods.
Delivery-IT will be pitching live at the Venture Madness event and compete to take home a portion of the $50K prize.
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4 thoughts on “Scottsdale startup Delivery-IT simplifies retail delivery”

  1. Too bad he can’t pay his employees. This guy is nothing but a fraud. There is no intellectual property, no plstform, no customers, and Brian is out looking for investors.
    This is a shell game and Brian needs some jail time.

    • Court records indicate he’s in arbitration with Amex. Apparently he only pays himself.
      My guess is he’s way upside down and desperate for money. Not sure if he has other vices but he sure can lie and commit fraud. Could be the steroids or PTSD.

  2. “The best I can commit to at this point is keeping you informed as to the execution of the agreement between us and the investor. I am working as diligently as possible on it. Once it’s executed We will have a steadfast plan. Timing on getting this closed is something I can influence but not directly control.”

  3. Call Brian’s probation officer, Carla Clanton. She would love to hear from you. Her direct number is 602-245-4351. Tell her how, Brian Houston ripped you off, ripped the Arizona Commerce Authority off.

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