Plato App wins Startup Weekend Phoenix

Startup Weekend Phoenix occurred this past weekend and on Sunday the top 3 spots were announced. Sunday consisted of last minute prep work, advice from on-site coaches, final presentations, and the awards ceremony. From Friday-Sunday, the teams have less than 54 hours to develop concepts, prototypes, or products.
Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 2.01.04 PM
1st Place: Plato App
An interactive experiment design web application for wet-bench science and collaboration. The app helps you do better science by organizing, archiving and letting you search your microplate experiments. Team members: Jordan Yaron, Kevin Timms, Gabe Chaney, Keith Washington, Will Denniston.
2nd Place: ThinkSync
A simple mobile app that allows you to store, organize, edit and share thoughts with friends in order to create a better idea. Team members: Patrik Matheson, Taze Raney, Andy Arminio, Nicholas Worth, Rubayat Mahmud, Theo Brinkofski.
3rd Place: How You See Me
Personal feedback platform that collects anonymous feedback from your close contacts so you can understand how others see you and leverage this information to evolve. Team members: Jeremy Watson, Todd Scheuring, Kamlesh Ravlani.
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