SEED SPOT kick-off party announces 11 new ventures

Seed Spot announced their 3rd class of hero ventures last night during a kick-off party held at their headquarters in Central Phoenix. Seed Spot is a nonprofit incubator that supports social entrepreneurs with their innovative ventures that intend to benefit the lives of people in our local, national, or global communities. Seed Spot works exclusively with entrepreneurs developing a product, service, or technology in their 14,000 sq. ft. incubation facility.

Seed Spot 3 photo grid

The program supports entrepreneurs through a rigorous multi-month program focused on launching, commercializing, and capitalizing ideas. Seed Spot offers a strong network of community mentors, industry experts, and local entrepreneurs to help the new venture leaders get their idea to a state of fruition. At the end of the program, entrepreneurs are prepared to pitch their ideas for talent, money and growth opportunities at their DEMO DAY.
Seed Spot’s 11 new ventures
iAgriscape: (Environment) – Increasing the local food supply by converting nascent land into edible gardens. Founder Justin Rohner believes if you can grow your own edibles year-round in the Sonoran Desert, you can grow edibles anywhere. Is Agriscpaing the new gardening craze?
Bio Intelligence: (Human Rights & Environment) – Employing women at fair wages in Agua Prieta, Mexico through the development of a new line of athletic clothing made from only natural fibers that are 100% compostable and biodegradable.
Gave in America: (Civic Engagement & Environment) – Building a geo-located online platform to match the excess waste of businesses (furniture, equipment, products) to nonprofits that need it most.
Max on Snacks: (Health) Children’s edutainment brand that marks an innovative, multi- platform solution to the growing problem of childhood obesity.
Operation Kindness: (Civic Engagement) – Building an online and mobile application to connect volunteers to causes with greater ease.
Rugged Communications:  (Energy & Education) – Developing solar powered cellular repeater solutions to grab very weak cellular signals and re-propogate it in greater strength to create a community-wide hot spot for use in rural villages worldwide.
Skate After School: (Heath & Education) – Nonprofit using an innovative after school skate program to keep kids engaged and at school during the hours that parents aren’t at home.
Spell Africa Initiative: (Education) – Using SMS technology to teach English to youth in West Africa that otherwise could not afford formal English education. Founder is based in Nigeria.
TableTop: (Civic Engagement) – An online fundraising platform that connects individuals who want to dine out and contribute to a charitable cause with restaurants that have available seating.
Tiny Steps to Health: (Health) – Using coaching and technology to deliver a lifestyle behavior change program that helps individuals adopt a whole foods plant based diet to lower their risk of chronic disease.
YaoNotes, LLC.: (Health) – A web and mobile based tool for healthcare providers, insurance companies, and medical students to access comprehensive diagnostic information and process intervention tools.
Seed Spot is a hub of innovation that has years of experience in their pocket, making them easily capable of nurturing these 11 new ventures to prosperity. AZTB can’t wait to see what the future holds for these exciting ventures.
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