Gadgets for the Guru

The NuMetrex is a wearable body monitor that allows users to get more information and results out of their workouts. The monitor works with NuMetrex’s heart rate monitoring apparel for men and women. The apparel features sensing technology knit into the fabric. The monitor and apparel together sync with compatible sports watches, smartphones or cardio equipment to give the user accurate and instant feedback and data. The NuMetrex system measures heart rate, calories burned, progress and performance.
Starting at $70
The DrySkin by Subtech Sports is 100% waterproof screen protector for your smartphone or tablet. The DrySkin protects the user’s phone from water, dirt, sand, snow and scratches. This screen protector is only 0.2mm/0.008in thick. The DrySkin is available for the iPhone 5, Galaxy SII, iPad, Blackberry Bold, iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2.
For a 2-pack $24.95
Enblink Z-Wave Dongle for Google TV_4Enblink System
The Enblink is a lightweight USB dongle that allows users to control their lighting, security systems and climate control devices with their Google TV or integrated Google TV sets. Enblink is subscription free and users can get started instantly by downloading the Enblink app from Google Play. Enblink uses Z-wave technology, allowing users to control their home devices that display the Z-wave logo. Currently, there are more than 900 certified devices that use Z-wave. Enblink also offers additional security sensors and lighting switches.
Starting at $85
PULSE by FELTaudio is a compact, lightweight Bluetooth speaker ideal for on-the-go music streaming and hands-free calling. The speaker is only 2.3 ounces and features a 39mm driver and build-in polycarbonate convertible stand/clip on its back. PULSE offers up to 8 hours of clear audio on a full charge and has a USB rechargeable battery. The PULSE was unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and is now available for purchase in both black and white.