Facebook's Paper Wants To Be Your News Aggregator

In February, Facebook released its new app Paper. Paper aggregates your Facebook app with news that interests you. For those familiar with Flipboard, Paper’s tiled interface may strike a chord. The AZ Tech Beat Team sat down and explored this new app.
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-No Ads – (at least for now)
-Clean interface
-Declutters your Facebook feed
-Allows you to read every link and see every picture clearly
-A good alternative to the official Facebook app
-Only available on the iPhone
-Relies on a lot of gestures to get everything right
-For those who use Flipboard, Paper might be lacking in terms of having specific content that users prefer, such as having an entire tile dedicated to their own Twitter feed, or news organizations that they prefer
In conclusion, Paper has its shortcomings but future versions will solve the problem. It might take a little time to get used to navigating the app, however after getting used to it, Paper provides a more thoughtful experienced with your Facebook feed and the content that you prefer. It brings engagement to a higher level than the vertical newsfeed that we are used to.
Paper is available for download at the Apple App Store. Watch Facebook’s ad for Paper: