Samsung and LG showcase impressive bendable tech – CES 2014

Bendable electronics were a hot topic at International CES 2014 and Samsung featured some amazing items that demonstrate this awesome feature. It got us thinking – are bendables the future?
First up was the LG G Flex :


  • The G Flex follows the curvature of your face for an outstanding voice and sound experience by reducing the gap between the microphone and your mouth.
  • When held in landscape position, one can watch movies or play games with a clear view.
  • The LG Rear Key is comfortably positioned directly under the index finger—left or right, big hands or small—making it incredibly easy to use with shortcuts as well as the volume control.
  • QuickTheater gives you direct access to your photos, videos and YouTube. Just hold the LG G Flex horizontally and use two thumbs to “open” the screen.
  • Dual Window splits the screen into two panels, each with a comprehensive view of a different
    app for  effective multitasking on the wide display.
  • Switch between three different apps at once simply by sliding
    three fingers left or right across the screen, to juggle more
    tasks, more quickly.
  • A simple knocking gesture is all it takes to wake LG
    G Flex’s display, without picking it up or pressing
    the power key.
  • The user interface provides an ever-changing 180° lock screen image and fluid unlock
    animations with clever sounds.

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Next up, in HUGE bendable tech is the Samsung U9500 105-inch curved Ultra HD. This television was truly breathtaking to see in person and you really have to see it to believe it.

  • This is the world’s first — and largest — curved Ultra HD television.
  • 21 x 9 aspect ratio, the same used by movie theaters, also making this the largest display — and first curved — display with such measurements.
  • Auto Depth Enhancer technology installed to provide depth to the picture, adding to the curved element and massive size to produce an all-around impressive device.
  •  From 4K content, to Full HD and HD sources, everything will look better on this TV which boasts unmatched resolution.

While this television may provide a true moviegoer experience, be prepared to spend a pretty penny! The bendable television is rumored to run upwards of $40,000.
Another impressive Samsung product was the 85″ U9B Bendable UHD TV. This television bends at the press of a button and provides a crystal clear and impeccable viewing experience.
85 inch Bendable UHD TV

  • World’s first and largest UHD TV that transforms from a flat panel to a curved TV design with a touch of a button.
  • Through Samsung’s innovative design and engineering, viewers can control the way they want to watch on one spectacular UHD TV.

Samsung’s UHD TVs not only support today’s standards — including HEVC, HDMI 2.0, MHL 3.0 and HDCP 2.2; they are the only TVs on the market that are future-ready, thanks to the Samsung UHD Evolution Kit. The One Connect Box houses the brains of the TV externally, enabling customers to switch out the box with the latest Samsung UHD Evolution Kit to stay up to date on the latest UHD standards.
The UHD TVs are expected to be released in the second half of 2014. Stay tuned to AZTB for more information and click here for more info on Samsung products!
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