Robot insects and drones take flight at CES 2014

Drones and robotics are slowly but surely gaining traction into the mainstream market by making them more user-friendly and giving the products novelty features that consumers are beginning to notice. Who knew drones could be fun?
At CES 2014, Parrot released several drones that are being marketed to the every-day consumer. The Parrot MiniDrone is a miniature drone piloted in Bluetooth Smart (low energy) with a smartphone or tablet. The Minidrone flies and can roll from floor to ceiling because of its ultra-compact and light-weight design-it’s quite awesome.
Parrot also released the Jumping Sumo at CES 2014, which is the first robot-insect, and is controlled by Wi-Fi 5GHz with a smartphone or tablet. The Jumping Sumo can spin, jump 80 cm, and can make 90 degree turns. It is equipped with an embedded camera that streams on the screen of the controlling smartphone or tablet. Entertainment has never been so hands-on!
Other companies have found innovative ways to utilize drone technology. One such company is Amazon and their new idea to employ drones as their future delivery service. Amazon Prime Air’s drones will be able to carry up to 5 pounds per delivery. But, Amazon states that this technology won’t be seen until 2015 as they continue to make advancements.
This year at CES 2014, drones saw an increase in interest from the marketplace and companies like Parrot and Amazon have responded to this interest by creating ways to intrigue American consumers. If a drone can crawl across the ceiling and then take off and fly, and packages can soon be delivered by flying drones, the consumer market is in for a big treat!