Startup TourKidd arms indie artists against shady music promoters

For many budding musicians and artists, finding their way around the music industry can be frustrating when you’re trying to make it and not get screwed over. One startup aims to help take a few burdens off of this journey and protect their fellow artist. TourKidd is an online platform for members of the independent music community and enables musicians to review venues, book their gig, promote their shows through social media and manage their tours at the click of a button. TourKidd is a SeedSpot Alumni and recently pitched at Demo Day. I spoke to Co-Founder Khayree Billingslea about this concept.
This is an awesome way to help musicians, how did it come about?
It came about after witnessing a few too many good artists get worked over on tour. While booking local DIY shows, these obstacles and cracks became more apparent and I knew something had to be done. Nick (co-founder) and I came together to make an application that could bring musicians and promoters together while adding transparency and accountability to the DIY booking process.

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co-founder Nick Aufiero

What has the response been like from artists?
“Seriously? No one’s doing this already?? ”
Who inspired you to create TourKidd?
Honestly, when I work on TourKidd, I’m inspired by acts like Playboy Manbaby, Instructions, Leftmore, Illustrations, and Slingshot Dakota. Maybe some bigger acts on independent labels like Touche Amore, or Listener…that’s who the app is built for. Our customers are independent musicians across the country trying to build something from the ground up. They don’t have professional tour managers or agents. They take whatever’s available to them and make it work. They are startups in their own right!
How else is TourKidd helping musicians?
You know who you’re working with. Booking a tour or a show these days means taking a big risk, and knowing you’re gonna miss most of the target (the audience). Using TourKidd, musicians will know which promoters will be a good fit, which communities want to see them, and holds promoters accountable by giving them (ratings) for the quality of work they do. That’s real. That’s pretty punk rock in my opinion.
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co-founder Khayree Billingslea

Where are you in your launch? 
Our website has been up for a few weeks now, and our Beta is expected to be released around March of 2014.
Learn more about TourKidd here.

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