Startup Stat Coordinations: Saving Time, Money and Lives

As a flight nurse since 2004, founder and CEO Ryan Heck of Stat Coordinations, LLC, has been involved in transporting patients from smaller hospitals to larger hospitals in order for patients to receive a higher level of care. Heck began studying how labor intensive the transfer process was for physicians and decided to create a quicker and easier solution. Stat Coordinations is a distance based directory, hospital availability, and electronic notifications as well as the ability for hospitals to advertise available specialists and space in real time.
“Each year 2,000,000 patients are admitted to an ER that does not have the specialty to care for them and the research is very clear – patient outcomes are dramatically improved when they are transferred to the right hospital in the right time,” Heck states.
One of Heck’s goals with Stat Coordinations is to save hospitals both time and money. Heck claims that $993,300,000 are spent annually on transfers and 750,000 hours are wasted on the telephone. Stat Coordinations goal is “to reduce costs to payers, providers, [and] patients” in order to “improve patient outcomes.”
When we previously checked in with Stat Coordinations, they had won the AZ ACA Grant. Heck explains that the grant allowed them to work with Nelson Law Solutions, a leading healthcare law firm in the southwest, and that they have helped them develop a business plan that complies with healthcare regulations.
Stat Coordinations has also been working with NACET for the past two years. Heck states, “They have helped me grow from a nurse into a CEO of a national technology solution. The mentorship I have received there has been instrumental in building an awesome company and protecting our IP.”
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