RevolutionParts: Simplifying the automative parts industry

Encodium, a Scottsdale-based company founded in 2006 as a part-time consulting venture, has evolved into a specialty company offering software service, RevolutionParts, which helps automotive dealerships sell factory parts online. Early on the founder and CEO Ibrahim Mesbah, along with Co-Founder and CTO Andreas Ronneseth contracted with Showcase Honda in 2008 to develop an automotive part eCommerce solution- the partners quickly noticed that this was and underserved industry and believed they could make a difference.
“We’re not parts people – we’re engineers, we’re technologists, so we felt we could really have a huge impact on this specific need, which is what we’re doing right now,” Mesbah said.
revolution parts
Before RevolutionParts, Mesbah worked as a Senior Engineer Manager at Paypal leading the Financial Products engineering teams to deliver Credit and Debit solutions that generated millions in revenue. Co-Founder Ronneseth built systems at PayPal responsible for reconciling billions of dollars between PayPal and other financial institutions.
RevolutionParts has partnered with 78 dealerships around the nation to help them expand online and receives about 20,000 unique visitors a day. “We’re definitely growing really fast,” Mesbah noted. “We do about $75,000 in sales per day – north of $2 million per month. The company ended 2012 with a total of $9.3 million in parts sales. Today, they are on track to end the year with $20 million in sales and are looking to double that next year in terms of revenue.
Mesbah said they will soon be incorporating in Delaware in January of 2014 and preparing to raise capital for expansion and grow market share.
“We serve seven local auto dealerships in the Phoenix area. We plan to expand our marketing push next year to add more local dealerships.”
Mesbah recognizes that the true strength of RevolutionParts lies within the team, “We have experience with corporate management, user experience, analytics and digital intelligence. We are all developers, but that range of experience helps us to approach problems from many different angles, and that is our true strength.”
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