HP Split x2 – tech review – national HP video

Hewlett Packard launched their HP Joy Caravan, a seven-city cross-country tour fueled by social media featuring the best in innovative HP tech. From tablets to laptops to printers, HP is getting the word out about their latest technology for the holiday season. HP asked AZ Tech Beat to review the latest Split x2 as a part of their national tour! Watch my review on HP here.
Features I liked about the Split x2:
This was my first time exposed to the laptop/tablet hybrid and I’ve actually warmed up to the idea-currently I carry multiple devices for work. What I liked about the Split x2:
The ability to seamlessly go from touchscreen to laptop
13.3-inch diagonal tablet
Lightweight at 4.8 lbs
The ability to switch from portrait to landscape viewing with ease
The built in web cam
High battery life up to 14 hours depending on usage
It has a 300GB hardware with an optional 500GB
Ability to watch videos on the larger HD screen on the go
BeatsAudio makes it crank
The Split x2 starts at $749 at HP and for Cyber Monday I’ve found it at Best Buy for $699 and Amazon for $647.99, and check HP for their deals here.
*HP provided AZTB two Chromebooks for this review and we will be giving away a Chromebook for the holiday season on AZTB.